Garden Update Mid July

We have been fortunate to get so much rain in our area, and I didn’t have to water as much the last 2 months.

The Asian string beans cover the fence trellis,

I like to make spicy green bean salad. I didn’t take a new photo and the one below was taken several years back of Lao String Beans Spicy Salad.

Lots of leaves for the Chayote squash, so far no fruit yet. This is my first year planting it and not sure what to expect.

The peppers are doing well, it’s getting to be top heavy and I will need to get some wooden stakes for support.

The tomatoes ripe about the same time and I have plenty right now. I thought my tomatoes look odd, I went to the farmer’s market on Sunday and those tomatoes looked strange also. They are not round like the tomatoes you see in the supermarket. It might be that the sun, wind, and rains shape the tomatoes. I’m not too concern about the shape since they taste delicious.

I get at least a dozen okras every other day.

My marigolds planted from seeds finally bloom. They are exceptionally tall, late bloomer but well worth the wait.

Garden at the end of June

My camera is on vacation this week, hope it comes back with some nice photos as for now I have my garden photos from June 24th. We have been fortunate that it has been raining on a regular basis and it’s been over 2 weeks since I had to water the garden.

I don’t recall planting the pickle cucumbers but that’s what is growing in my garden.

The sugar snap peas are not doing too well, I’m looking to plant summer squash in its place.

The bell peppers seedlings are doing well, it’s actually a lot taller this week.

These are not so tall but they do have big peppers for a short pepper plant bushes.

I’m glad that the Chayote squash finally took off.

The string beans cover the fence trellis this week. 

I get a few okras per day now, enough to grill for dinner.

Some of the tomatoes turn red this week, might wait for a few days before I pick them.

Fruits of Labor

It’s certainly a beautiful sight to see the garden start taking off and “knock on wood” looking healthy.

The herb garden is doing exceptionally well, the bugs certainly don’t bother them since they have a strong aroma.

Lime basils

I have to say that this is the first year my tomato plants look decent and healthy.

My first ripe tomato, can’t wait to taste it.

The cucumbers and sugar snap peas cover the metal A-Frame trellis.

I have lots of tiny frogs in my garden, they are small enough to sit on the plant leaves.

Sugar snap peas.

The okras got a lot bigger, they certainly love the Summer hot weather.

The chili peppers.

My bell pepper seedlings are taking off, this is one of the plants that loves hot Summer weather also.

The Asian pole beans start to climb the fence trellis.

The Chayote squash is coming along.

The Kaffir Lime tree.

Between all the 4 persimmon trees I hope to be able to harvest at least 10 fruits in the Fall.