Planting in Progress

I didn’t get to plant until early May and I’m about 50 % done planting.

These are the pepper seedlings, a bit small but I think they will survive.

The cucumbers are coming up nicely.

The Chayote plants are from last year’s fruits.

The tomato seedlings are small, we had heavy rainfall yesterday and not sure if they will make it. I might have to buy young tomato plants.

Plenty of mints here.

The persimmon trees are doing well, I have 4 trees in total.

I’m hoping for a good harvest this Fall.

A row of new blueberry plants.

The kefir lime leaves fell off in the winter months, it’s growing back the new leaves now.

I still have to plant the herb garden.

Also, have to plant the Jalapeno peppers.

The banana trees need to be planted also.