Camping on Memorial Day Weekend

This year we decided to camp at my house for Memorial Day Weekend since we have a big enough space to park the camper. My dad and sister bought their RV on Friday and stayed for the weekend. My goal is to make a private campground in the wood but it will take a lot of money to clear the land and make a road back there, might be a next year project. As for now, this is good enough, convenient that it’s close to the house.

This was an extremely wet weekend, it poured down while we were cooking inside the barn.

Thank goodness for the barn, it was a nice get together. It’s been a while since we did anything like this and will have to do it more often.

We had Pho.


After the rain, I went to the garden to check on the plants, we had 3 inches for the 2 hours of heavy rainfalls.

The lower part of the garden was flooded.

Good thing that morning I went out to stake and support the cucumber plants and string beans to help them climb the trellis.

The pound is on the high level since we have had so much rains in the last few weeks. Bo put a dye in the pound to make it blue, he said that it’s safe for the fish and little critters, so far they are doing okay.