Weekend Garden Progress

We finally have a break from the rain, it was a nice weekend to get things done in the garden. The weather was cool, perfect weather for gardening.

This is a row of bell peppers and hot peppers.

PaNoy gave these plants to me at the temple and I found out that they are the Chayote squash, I have never eaten them before but they look interesting and nice addition to my garden. The trellis is nothing fancy, I used the leftover materials from the ducks/chickens fencing. I was not happy with the outcome but since I spent several hours working on it, it’ll have to do for now. The construction is simple, I used zip ties to connect the fence together so it can be removed easily.

He sent me a picture of his mom with the Chayote squash, the plant is behind her and they climb on a trellis. PaNoy has a big beautiful garden, nothing like mine.

The rain water does wonder, the tomatoes are doing exceptionally well this year.


Sugar snap peas

We love to eat egg omelet with sweet basil and I planted 3 over the weekend.

PaNoy gave this to me last year, not sure if I like the aroma but it does look pretty and survived the winter.


This is also another plant from PaNoy.

Bo’s mom gave me the onions and I didn’t think they would survive the heavy rain but they look like they would make it.

I have to say that gardening is a labor of love and happy with the progress so far.


  1. Hi Nye, I’m so happy to see your garden is coming along so well & it’s only May! And you are lucky to have gardener friends nearby to share plants.

    PaNoy’s mom has a real green thumb as those are the biggest Chayote squash I’ve ever seen. I grew up eating Chayote squash since my mom used to grow them in the backyard. It’s good as Lao salad (tum) or cook it in stir fry w/basil & chicken. And sometimes we just steam them up and eat with spicy sauce & rice. Yummy. : )

    • Hi Bree, they met me at the temple and load my sister’s van with plants, it was so nice of them to bring me the plants. So far the Chayote squash plants don’t look as good as PaNoy’s mom’s plant, I think we had too much rains and the bed is not draining well. I learn so much from talking to other gardeners, more so than reading the garden book.

      I heard a lot of good things about the Chayote squash and looking forward to harvest. 🙂

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