Garden 2018 Update

I had a good harvest this year, despite not having as much time to spend in the Garden this Summer. The Chayote harvest was in the middle of November, this plant likes the cool weather and not ideal if we had an early frost. This year was not too bad, I had a good turn out and saved a few for next year’s planting.

I had plenty of cucumbers and tomatoes in July and had to give them away to my sisters, and co-workers.

In August I didn’t have as much time to tend to the garden since we spent almost every weekend camping. The garden thrived, and I was surprised to see the banana tree producing bananas.

I don’t see this very often, only once several years back at my old garden and the banana trees were planted next to the house.

I had plenty of peppers this year, harvested and froze them for the winter months.

Winged beans

The Purple Perilla came up on their own this year. It’s pretty and I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it knowing that the plant is not cheap. This is one herb that I don’t like to eat, it has a strange flavor and aroma that I can’t get used to.

The Thai Basils didn’t do too bad planting in pots, this is definitely a good solution for a sloped garden so the rain water won’t wash the garden soil away.

I had plenty of lemon basil.

The lemongrass

I harvested about 10 persimmons this year, not good at all since this is the 2nd year planting and it seems that the fruits won’t stick. I need to look into why it’s doing this and hope for a better season next year.

Way too much Okra and perhaps I planted too many since I’m the only person eating it. Note to self, plant less Okra next year.

It was a good garden season, and looking forward to 2019 Spring planting.