Christmas Cards and Poinsettia

Christmas is around the corner and for many of us mailing out Christmas Cards is still a Christmas tradition, and we received many Christmas Cards at work this year. I brought my camera to work on Friday hoping to capture a few of my favorite cards. The Peace on Earth card caught my attention, and so appropriate that this card came from a vendor from the other side of the world.

It’s heart warming to receive a card from one of our retired co-workers.

I love the whimsical look of this card, I think deep down inside we are still a kid at heart when it comes to the holidays season.

This logo you can’t miss.

This year we received a beautiful Poinsettia plant from our web developer and I had to convince everyone at work that it belongs to me. It is not because I work the hardest, or work closely with these guys, but it is because I’m a gardener and I can extend its life after the Christmas season. We are closed next week for vacation so someone had to take it home on Friday.

Last year I took the Poinsettia plant home, and planted in my garden. I had to show proof to the ladies in the office, and luckily I posted my garden photos on Facebook. I signed up with Facebook several years back to post photos for the temple, I am Wat Greensboro’s photographer and post festive events photos on Wat Greensboro Facebook page. Surprisingly the image downloaded from Facebook is this sharp, and I shared most of the photos that I took with my sisters so a good collection of what I took are still there, but too bad they are not in high resolution. I guess It’s better than nothing.

These two images were taken on October 4, 2014. The poinsettia had gotten too big by the time I dug it up to take it inside, so it didn’t make it. I will have to plant it in a pot next year.


I planted the Poinsettia in May, the image below was taken in June and and I wrote a post on My Backyard Garden then. It didn’t look too good after Christmas and most people would have thrown it away.

I have to do some convincing, and my poinsettia made it home safely.


    • It’s harder to keep the poinsettia alive after Christmas, so I’m hoping that this one will make it until Spring. It is a Kaffir lime tree, it’s over 18 year old and Bo’s mom gave it to me years ago. It stays in the garden during the warm months, and indoor during the winter months. It is extremely easy to care for and I clip off most of the thorns so they won’t prick me. 🙂

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