Hillside Garden

I failed to plan my garden properly and now facing the problems of the sloping garden. After looking at my garden, it’s not ideal to have the planting beds horizontally since the rain and garden waters wash the dirt to the slope side of the garden, see large image. The box planting beds seem to help and it’s a temporary fixed but not ideal long term solution for my garden. This made me think of a hillside garden, which means I have to plant my rows vertically and this will be good since the sun rising on the East side of the garden will shine evenly row by row, and the West side of the garden has more shade and I can plant vegetable crops that will grow in light to partial shade such as snow peas, cabbage, carrot, and garlic. I think the herbs will do well also.

I would love to redo my garden right now but it’ll have to wait until the Fall. The hillside garden made me think of the sloping Mekong gardens that I saw while visiting Laos in 2008. My garden will not be this extreme but this looks interesting and I can’t wait to redo my garden in the Fall.


Spring is in the air

It’s the end of January and might be too early for Spring in most area, I guess for us also just last week we had snow. The countryside came to a halt, and no work and school for most of us._MG_1845

I certainly don’t mind getting stuck here.




As I was taking this picture below, I thought to myself this would be a good place to walk. I think I found myself a new walking trail.


It’s extremely warm today, I was out walking and heard a woodpecker pecking a tree.


It was so high up, I’m glad I was able to capture it with my telephoto lens.


My daffodils are budding now, it’s certainly is an early sign of Spring.




Cleveland County Fair

Cleveland County Fair is one of the biggest County Fairs in our area, it lasted for two weeks. The first week it rained, and finally lead up the second week. We went last Thursday, and Sunday was the last day. The weather was exceptionally warm at this time of the year and since I love night photography, visiting the Fair at night is a must.

Lee loves the Fair food.

This brought back memory, I used to blog as Ginger and this looks very much like Ginger’s Garden.

I certainly didn’t expect to see the Siberian tigers and didn’t get a good view at where I was standing.

I held my breath the whole time, she was extremely brave to be in the same cage as 3 huge tigers. This one is a male, he is a lot bigger and lighter in colors than the female Siberian tiger.

Lee loves the rides, and it’s not easy capturing night panning shot but I managed to capture a few shots.

This one I only had 1 chance to get it right of Bo and Lee riding on the racing roller coaster.

My favorite is the funnel cake.