Gardening Progress

I’m still not done planting all my vegetables. I was making a good progress until fellow gardeners gave me more herbs, plants, seeds and it’s quiet a challenge to find space for them. This year, I only plant the vegetables that I want to eat, the Purple Perilla came up this year and I got rid of it since I don’t like the aroma. It’s pretty but not worth keeping since I don’t like to eat it.

I planted 2 rows of pickling cucumbers and it’s coming up nicely.

I like Jalapeno peppers and planted a row next to the cucumbers. I purchased the seeds from Stark Bro’s and it’s the Craig’s Grande Jalapeno pepper.

My first time planting the Shishito peppers; I planted 2 rows and heard that it’s super hot. Can’t wait to see what they look like.

I got string bean seeds from my sister and also from a lady at temple; I might have 3 varieties. It’ll be interesting to see once they start to producing.

The Chayote from last year’s fruits/seeds.

My tomato seedlings didn’t make it; they drowned from the last heavy rainfalls. I purchased 11 young tomato plants and they took off right after I put them in the ground.

I know I was supposed to remove the 1st year’s flowers of the Blueberry plants but didn’t have the heart to do so. I think it will be okay, keeping my fingers crossed.

I have been searching forever for the Asian variety Pennywort and visited a friend’s garden last week and couldn’t believe that he has a huge patch of Pennywort. They are invasive and he wanted to get rid of them, so it’s my lucky day. I have to find a new home for it in my garden.

He also gave me some waterlilies, can’t wait to see the bloom.

Almost the end of May and lots of garden chores.