Kohk & Sahk Laotian Heavenly Jerky

I received my perks today, 2 packages of Laotian Heavenly Jerky from Thip Soulisak at Kohk & Sahk and I have to say it’s saep lai, simply delicious.

The beef jerky has a bold flavor, unlike any beef jerky I have tried. I would love to get a hold of the recipe but I’m sure it’s a trade secrete. Thip said “It’s the traditional ingredients for Laotian beef jerky + some extra love.” It has to be a labor of love, I do wish his company much success in this new venture.

Bo and Lee loved it, and Max couldn’t wait for his turn.

He almost bit my fingers off when I handed him one piece.


Kohk & Sahk – Authentic Laotian Cuisine Campaign

One of my favorite Lao foods is beef jerk, we grew up eating my dad’s beef jerky and it’s the best until I heard of Kohk & Sahk Laotian Heavenly Jerky, and the slogan of “mmm mmm saep lai” it’s simply delicious made me want to try Kohk & Sahk beef jerky.

Tharathip Soulisak is the founder of Kohk & Sahk, a Laotian food company in CA. Their goal is to have the Laotian food products available for purchase at farmer’s market, festivals, fairs and online purchases and eventually in the near future they will be the first Laotian food product available nationwide in retail stores. To make this happen, they need your help to raise $12,000 by March 8, 2015. Please check out their campaign at INDIEGOGO: Kohk & Sahk – Authentic Laotian Cuisine and help if you can.

photos courtesy of Kohk & Sahk