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Saturday Random Photos

The day of the super moon that everyone had been telling me about, the morning was promising that we might have a clear sky Saturday night. I got up early to go to a T-shirt sales from one of the manufacturing companies in Maiden, all T-shirts were selling for $1 to $3 each.  I think… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos

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Catawba Valley Women’s Show

I've attended many events at the Hickory Metro Convention Center before, but not the Women's Show.  Bo gave me a free ticket several weeks back and I went with my second sister today.  I'm still struggling with indoor photography and crawled back to using the green box many times, so this post is a mixed… Continue reading Catawba Valley Women’s Show

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Make the First Move

I came across an interesting idea from Effective Business Communications about job application.  I'm like most people, I would only apply for a job from an advertisement, and would never thought of sending out an unsolicited application letter in fear that the company might think it's a waste of time, and kind of surprised to… Continue reading Make the First Move


The Hidden Messages in Communication

All communication must involve both a sender and a receiver of messages, simply because you send a message to someone and s/he is not available to receive a message, then sending doesn’t exist. Of course we often think of communication in the form of written or verbal, but communication conveys through actions are also as… Continue reading The Hidden Messages in Communication

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Bee’s Design and Finds

I'm happy to announce my sister's online store, Bee's Design and Finds. Bee’s Design and Finds offers handcrafted pillows featuring unique designs, wall mirrors, upholstered items and furniture, which includes leather sofas showing here. These leather western pillows are handcrafted from the finest materials. Beautiful leather/cowhide with hair western design pillows. Beautiful needlepoint/fabric combo pillow.… Continue reading Bee’s Design and Finds