Preparing Planting Beds

The weather has been very warm in our area and I’m eager to start planting in the garden. I spoke to several gardeners and they are waiting because the ground is still too cold.  The last several years I planted my garden after Easter, and I think I will wait again this year. The cucumbers are getting so big and ready to go outside, they might not be able to wait until then.

I prepared the planting bed over the weekend. The dirt is hard and clay like in some area and hoping that by digging a big planting hole this will help.

This planting bed below is for the tomato plants. I’ll fill the holes with the store bought garden dirt. This is my first year trying it this way, the garden is sloped and if filled the planting bed with soft garden dirt the rains will wash it away.

This planting bed will be for the pickling cucumbers and snap peas. The trellis is made out of metal fence panels zip ties together to make an A-Frame. It’s staked down by the tent stakes, and I laid black garden cloth in the center to prevent the weed from growing.

Bo helped me moved some of the railroad-lumbers to line up against the fence. I hope this will help to prevent the rains from washing all the garden dirt to the pond. At first I was going to plant the sunflowers in this area, but now I think it’ll be best to plant the Okras here. I wish the whole garden has this rich dark soil like the lower part of the garden.

I sowed the marigolds in a pot and it’s doing well so far.

The zinnias sprout also. 

The blueberries are flowering.

I will be busy weeding this year.

It has been raining today and I couldn’t work in the garden, so I finally have time to thin out the seedlings.

The plastic cups come in handy for transplanting the young plants. I saw on youtube that they use 2 cups, the inside has holes for drainage and the outer layer is to catch the water. It’s such a neat idea and I absolutely loved it.

My dad gave me big empty water bottles, and I use them to plant the young tomato plants. I hope they’ll be ready to go outside in 2 weeks.


  1. Hello my friend!
    One of the things I have spent the last busy year doing is moving. From my house to a flat. So no gardening no more…. So it’s nice to follow others’ garden work instead 😉

    • Since you like to travel, not having a garden to tend to is a plus and I’ll be following your traveling adventure since I’m homebound. 🙂

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