Garden Update Mid July

We have been fortunate to get so much rain in our area, and I didn’t have to water as much the last 2 months.

The Asian string beans cover the fence trellis,

I like to make spicy green bean salad. I didn’t take a new photo and the one below was taken several years back of Lao String Beans Spicy Salad.

Lots of leaves for the Chayote squash, so far no fruit yet. This is my first year planting it and not sure what to expect.

The peppers are doing well, it’s getting to be top heavy and I will need to get some wooden stakes for support.

The tomatoes ripe about the same time and I have plenty right now. I thought my tomatoes look odd, I went to the farmer’s market on Sunday and those tomatoes looked strange also. They are not round like the tomatoes you see in the supermarket. It might be that the sun, wind, and rains shape the tomatoes. I’m not too concern about the shape since they taste delicious.

I get at least a dozen okras every other day.

My marigolds planted from seeds finally bloom. They are exceptionally tall, late bloomer but well worth the wait.


    • I have a Canon 5d Mark iii body, and Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Standard Zoom Lens. I bought it 4 years ago to do a wedding and love it.

      Are you still shooting with Canon?

  1. Your garden looks great! The variety you’ve planted remind me so much of the veggies my mother and grandmother used to plant… especially string beans. Looks really nice & fresh here 🙂

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