Planting the Garden

It was cold up until last week, and so much pollen in the air that I was in no shape to go out and prep the planting bed. It rained most of last week also so I didn’t feel as guilty not being such a good gardener. Since the weather is warm enough now to garden, I tried to work several hours a day in the garden. This makes me wonder how other gardeners have time to blog.

I only have enough time to weed the planting bed area, once all the young plants are planted then I’ll have more time to weed the rest of the garden. My new boss gave me the bricks that were left over from her garage and I’ve used it to lay the walkway, hope this will cut down on my weeding time and I still have a big pile of bricks that I could use in the garden.

The tomatoes are in the ground, I didn’t have any luck with the seedling last year so I bought the young tomato plants this year.

The bell peppers and chili peppers are in the ground. I wanted to plant the jalapeno peppers but they were out at Lowes.

I got the young chili pepper plants from my sister.

The bell pepper plants were store bought.

The sloping land posted some problems last year when it rained, all the garden soil washed away. I’m trying something different this year, I like the idea of planting in a pot, but didn’t want it to be in the way so I planted them in the ground.

It makes it easy to water also.

My persimmon trees look promising this year. I know I said the same thing last year and didn’t have any fruit by harvest time.

Let just say that I’m hopeful this year. The garden came along further than what I’m posting here. I put down the Okra seeds, the cucumber seeds, and the string bean seeds today but didn’t have time to take the photo. I have to make time and hope to be able to blog on a regular basis now.



    • It’s got several holes at the bottom, I didn’t cut it since it came that way. I think it will work out well, the water might not dry out as fast as the pot sitting on the ground. The Basils are easy to grow, they are very hardy and I think will do well here.

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