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Saturday Random Photos

Lee and I went to her school Winter Fest.  It seems odd to have it during this time of the year since Spring has arrived in our area. Lee decided to have her hair color, they hosed her down good with color hairspray. It's blue with sparkles. They have lots of games and she won… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos

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Lao School Building Project Updates

It has been a while since I last updated about Ban Dannavieng Elementary School.  This is the school in Laos that many had come together in helping with the school building project in 2007. I received a photo update from Darly of the school today.  The school is now known as Dong Yang Primary School,… Continue reading Lao School Building Project Updates

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Travel Photography: A Visit to ECU

This is a contribution to Scott Thomas Photography’s photo essay: Travel Photography. We decided to head down the East Coast on Sunday morning, and only if we drove further we would be at the beach by now but our schedule didn’t allow us to do that, our destination was to visit Bo’s nephew Tom, whom… Continue reading Travel Photography: A Visit to ECU

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Tom Keoboupha Graduating Class of 2010

Today I have a guest blogger. Guest blogger Bo: First I want to congratulate my nephew Tom Keoboupha for his success.  Tom is the middle of 3 boys and I heard so much from my oldest sister of how smart he is.  I was impressed with his speech and proud that he was the President… Continue reading Tom Keoboupha Graduating Class of 2010

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Dannavieng Elementary School Update

When I visited Dannavieng Elementary school in November 20, 2008, I didn’t get to meet the superintendent of the school. After I came back, Darly informed me that she will get me the receipt, something that I needed to provide for Friends of the NLL, also known as my coworkers that had helped supported the… Continue reading Dannavieng Elementary School Update

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A Special Gift, a Gift of Knowledge

I've had opportunity to give the gift of knowledge to children in Laos, books are very special to me, and might be because I didn’t have many growing up, and now I often buy books for myself. I could imagine the excitement of these children at Dannavieng Elementary School when they received their books box,… Continue reading A Special Gift, a Gift of Knowledge

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Updated News From Ban Dannavieng Elementary School in Laos

This is updated news for Friends of National Library of Laos (Friends of NLL, also known as my co-workers for your generous support in the purchasing of my spring rolls) in regard to the construction progress of Ban Dannavieng Elementary School; other supporters of this project include the local villagers, Laocook, Nye Noona, and Darly… Continue reading Updated News From Ban Dannavieng Elementary School in Laos

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Thank You for Your Generosity

The children of Laos will always have a special place in my heart and to Lao Voicers as well. One of the four Books Boxes delivered to NongDong Elementary School, located in Muang Phone Thong, Khang Champassak is made possible by the former Laoplanet forum supporters, and Friends of the National Library of Laos (also… Continue reading Thank You for Your Generosity