June 2nd Garden Update

Lots of work and progress in the garden this week; it’s only been a week and things start to look very different. The weather is dry in our area, we only had 1 short shower last week.

The Shishito peppers love the heat and have gotten so much bigger than last week. I didn’t have enough straws and that will be my next garden chores to cover the remaining plants.

I finally found a place to plant the Thai Holy basil, the green leaf variety called Gra Pow in Thai. I don’t recall ever eating this but I heard that it’s good and famous for Gra Pow Gai, spicy stir-fry chicken served with white rice. I can’t wait to give it a try.

It does look different than the Thai basil; there’s also a red leaf variety and I might plant that next year if it’s good.

The string beans start to take off; I covered it with straws so I’ll have less weeding to do and also help to keep the moisture in the ground.

The Chayote

The cucumbers start to climb the trellis with a little help from the shishkabob sticks.

From left to right: Boston pickling cucumbers, Jalapeno peppers, Blueberries, more Thai holy basils (Gra pow ) and Tomatoes.

Boston pickling cucumbers and Jalapeno peppers

Thai basils, Sweet basils, and Lemongrass

The blueberry starts to turn purple.

Only a few Persimmon fruits stick again this year.

The Kiefer lime grew new leaves, this year I did not move it to the garden. It’s heavy and the thorns are dangerous and used to prick me when I moved it to the garden and not to mention having to move it back in the late Fall. It’s easier to leave it near the house.