Assignment 25: My Photography Passion

This is my contribution to Scott’s Assignment 25: Your Photography Passion.  I have to say that I photograph everything around me whether it be plants, nature, people or events.

I am a gardener and I love to photograph plants, it’s fascinating to see how fast they grow from week to week. I photographed my garden today right before it rained.

I also love to photograph people and sporting events. I had the opportunity to do panning shots of the uni-cycling at Lee’s school yesterday.

Photos were taken with 5DMkIII, Canon 24-105mm f/4L lens.


  1. Everything seems to grow so perfectly around you, it is very inspiring to see. The plants probably know that they are your passion. 🙂 The panning shots are full of life and speed, very nice. 🙂

  2. Gardening is indeed a passion! I always enjoy the photos of your garden – way ahead of mine, of course, with your more moderate climate. Hoping to get my veggies planted this weekend. The unicycle photos are really cool!

  3. […] Nye is a master gardener (compare to anything I have tried) and have enjoyed watching her garden grow each year for an envious distance.  Her enjoyment of photographing events has opened my eyes to ceremonies and celebrations from southeast Asia. Like America, her vision is a melting pot of photographic delights. […]

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