Beware of the Rooster

Not very often that I get to feed Bo’s chickens and ducks, I had to take care of them several weeks back. He feeds them twice a day, morning and afternoon so it was a busy weekend for me. The last time I feed them was during the winter when he had to go out of town for a funeral in Canada. The winter weather was harsh, I was sick but I certainly felt worse for the chickens and ducks having to stay outside in the cold. This time it’s in the Summer so it wasn’t so bad, I had to take care of them for 3 days. The first feed I got attacked by the rooster, it’s almost comical and I went out to get my camera and thought I would take some photos for Bo to see. When I got back he greeted me by the front gate, if looks could kill!

Then he proceeds to come toward me, I’m shaken in my boots at this time but determine to get some photos.

Then he attacked me, he is one mean fighting rooster. He pecked through my jeans and gave me 4 bruises and took out some skin. At this time I was extremely worried, not sure how I would go in and feed the chickens and ducks.

I kept my distance, and he kept his watchful eyes over me, certainly not in a good way.

I called Bo and he was hysterically laughing, he said that he should have warned me about the rooster. It is a fighting rooster bloodline from Thailand. He told me to bring in a net and he will leave me alone. My only weapon at this point is a fishing net, and sure enough he stayed away from me for the rest of the weekend.

The rest of the chickens and ducks are real nice

Even the mean looking ones are nice.

She is nesting, we have some hatched this week.

The rooster is the least of our worry right now, there is something that has been coming into the coop at night and eat the inside organ of the chickens and ducks. It has been killing 1 and sometimes 2 per night, and so far Bo has lost over 10 chickens and ducks and mostly females since they are weaker and couldn’t fight off the predator. The coop is secured, it’s fenced in and has net above so not sure how it got in. At this point, we thought it might be a weasel and have set a trap out for it.

Certainly Early Spring Here

Perhaps it might be 6 more weeks of winter up North, but certainly not in North Carolina. Regardless of the groundhog’s forecasting being right or wrong, it’s still very interesting to watch and I’m rooting for early Spring. It’s a lot warmer during the day here but still very cold at night.

I guess the winter cabbages/vegetables don’t count for an early sign of Spring but it’s pretty and I couldn’t resist taking the pictures.

The ducks are ready for Spring, the water is a bit cold right now and they’ll enjoy swimming in the pond more once the weather gets warmer.

The heating lamp comes in handy during the cold nights, especially for the young ducks that don’t have full feathers to keep them warm.

The hens and ducks start laying eggs again, it was far and few during the winter months. The past few weeks we had enough to give fresh eggs to my dad and sisters. As of right now we have 60+ chickens and ducks.

Backyard Chickens and Ducks Run

The last time we visited the zoo Bo talked about raising exotic birds, and having it fenced with bird netting to keep the wild animals out. Obviously we couldn’t do it at our old house and at that time I thought it would be great living in the country and having a little petting zoo of our own. Once we moved here, I knew I wanted to raise chickens for eggs and had no idea that Bo was going to raise ducks. I don’t think it was part of the plan. Bo has a friend that wanted to get rid of his Muscovy ducks and Bo bought all 13 ducks back in December of last year. Then we had several ducklings hatched and we probably have close to 100 ducks now. They obviously need a bigger place, and it took a while to put this together, and mainly because of the lack of time. We finally had it done over the 3 days Memorial Day weekend. Bo and I did the fencing, and my dad and sister helped putting up the netting and the door.

The chickens and ducks run is about 30 ft wide x 80 ft long. It’s a 6 foot fence and the bird netting is pulled up by the cable that’s inspired by the zip line that I saw at the Xtreeme Challenge.

These are the 2nd generation Muscovy ducks and Bo got them when they were little ducklings back in February. He had 2 batches that hatched after this  Not all the ducks have moved to the new run yet, some are still at the old duckpins and he has the Indian runner ducks, and Mallards that need to be moved.

Bo didn’t buy all the ducks, some were given to him by stanger and co-worker. He picked up 4 ducklings at someone’s house because their kids don’t want them after Easter, they got his number from Tractor Supply that he visits on a regular basis. One of them is the white Pecking duck in the picture below. Last weekend his co-worker called and asked him to pickup her Grandma’s ducks, she had 5 that she couldn’t care for anymore. They arrived on Monday and seemed happy at their new home.

I have a few chickens that Bo purchased from the Statesville stock sales.

I was skepticle at first if chicken and ducks can live together in the same run and they seem happy together. They eat the same food, and share water so it works out great for Bo. We will have to move the remaining ducks in the next week or so.