Seedlings Update

The seeds all sprout and I am so glad to see all the young plants. It’s still too cold to plant in the garden, I normally plant them in late April. In the past, I bought young plants from the local nursery and it was very expensive. I could only afford to buy a handful and pray that they’ll make it through the cold nights. The seed packets are less expensive than individual plants, and I’m hoping that these seedlings will continue to grow and stay healthy indoor until they are ready to go outside.

The cucumbers are getting too big, I’ll start transferring them to bigger pots this week, and might have to make an indoor trellis for them at the rate that they are growing. Note to self “start the indoor seedlings late March for April planting.”

Since I’ll have many young plants, I plan to plant them in pairs this year to make a bigger bush. The Pepper hot mix seedlings might look odd when planting them in pairs, they’ll most likely not be the same kind of pepper plant.

As you can see that I like hot peppers, these are the Jalapenos.

I didn’t have much luck with the tomatoes in the past, but extremely hopeful this year and will be planting these in pairs also.

I love bell peppers, I’m eating 2 per day right now and can’t wait to pick them from my garden.

The weather has been seasonably warm in the past weeks and my Ornamental cabbages are bolting. We are expecting some snow tonight, and temperature in the low 20s at night for this week.

I saw a few people covering up their flowers today. The Azaleas bloom in spring and their flowers often lasting several weeks. My Azaleas came out early and the flowers will not be able to stand the below-freezing temperature this week.

We had some below freezing temperature last Saturday night and my tulip tree flowers wilted the next morning.

The early warm weather during the day and cold weather at night are not all bad, the ducks and hens laid more eggs in the last few weeks. My sisters and dad are glad to get fresh chicken and duck eggs from us.

Instead of buying the chicks Bo decided to hatch his own.

The first one that came out was the Ameraucana chick and hope the rest will hatch in the next few days.


  1. I always like looking at seed catalog for fun. Plus seeds are not only cheaper, they also have much more variety too.

    My mom actually suggested I grow 2 cucumber plants together one summer and it turned out pretty well. It would be interesting to see how that goes in your garden.

    • The cucumbers are ready to go outside but I think I will wait until next week to make sure that we won’t have any frost. Bo’s mom also mentioned that one of her friends planted 3 cucumber plants in a big hole and it did very well.

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