Weeds Love My Garden

I’m beginning to wonder if the weeds loved my garden more than me, I spent my evening weeding and when I came across this one the answer is clear.

The blueberries are thriving amongst the weed. This is the first year that the birds left me some berries and it’s delicious freshly picked from the bush. I’m planning to plant a few more in the Fall.


I hope to see a few watermelons this year, they do take up a lot of space and this location used to be the old garden where the previous owner used to plant corn. This might be my first and last year planting them unless I plant them on a trellis and it’ll take up less space. The melons are heavy and I’m not sure how this will work.



The lemongrass is doing well.


I love cucumbers and will definitely plant more next year.





  1. Nice garden you have, Nye. I love blue berries too. In our garden there are black berries, raspberries and red currants.. Due to the bad weather this Spring they are late but I look forward to pick them in some time in July. Isn’t it a privilege to be able to eat one’s own fruits and veges ?

    • Hi Isa, it’s harvest time and certainly enjoy eating the vegetables from my garden. It’s so much fresher and sweeter than store bought, and this made me want to grow my own vegetables all year round. I might have to consider getting a greenhouse.

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