Garden 5-10-2018

A few days late in posting, the garden is coming along nicely. The apple and Asian pear trees that I purchased from Stark Bro’s last year survived their first winter.

The basils seem to adjust well to the inground planting pots.

This part of the garden is sloped and the water washes the garden soil downhill. The pepper plants are hardy and thrived well last year. They got a lot bigger this week, I will be mulching them with straws to prevent the soil from erosion and keeping the moisture during the hot and humid months.

I saved a few Chayote fruits last year and looking forward to a bounty harvest this year.

I didn’t keep my string bean seeds from last year, they were the fat and meaty variety and I didn’t like it as much. I got the seeds from my sister this year and her string beans are long and skinny, I think it has a better flavor.

I used to soak my beans and plant them as they sprout but the last few years I just dropped the beans in the ground and they came out within a few days.

Cucumbers grow well from seeds.

I will be mulching the tomatoes with straws also.

I mulched the blueberries with pine needles the other day and will update with the next post.

The metal border looks rough, I’m not complaining since it’s free. One of my dad’s neighbors thrown them out and I had the hardest time getting them in the back of my Rav4 but I managed and got them home. This part of the garden is also sloped and hope this will help. I planted okras in this planting bed, the same spot as last year.

Once they get a bit bigger I will be mulching them with straws.

So far so good for the Persimmons.

My banana trees didn’t survive the snow and cold weather, my sister gave me one last week.

I have too much mints and will be giving some to my sisters.


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