Early May Garden

We have been getting a lot of rain in our area, it’s raining again today so I couldn’t weed the garden. Fortunately, it slowed down and drizzled when I went out to take these photos. I planted the peppers yesterday and it was sunny this morning when I left for work. I covered the peppers to prevent the young plants from getting burnt from the hot sun and will have to cover them for almost a week until they are strong enough.

The tomatoes are doing well, these are store-bought and I will need to put down straw mulch to prevent the weeds from growing.

I planted a few tomatoes in pairs, this is my first year planting it this way.

The Sugar snap peas start to climb the trellis.

The cucumbers were sown from seeds and it took them a week to sprout.

They both share the same trellis, the cucumbers are in front and Suger snap peas in the back.

The Okras are coming out but not as pretty as I like for them to be.  I will need to put down straw mulch, Bo has some in his chicken coop and I’ll take the old straw and use it in the garden while he’ll replace the chicken coop old straw with new straw. These Okras were planted from last year’s seeds.

I assigned the mint boxed garden to my daughter Lee for her to care and weed, so far the progress has been very slow. It’s obvious that she is not a gardener, I wonder if this could be trained.

The lemongrass planted from stalks that I purchased from the Asian market are sprouting.

It has been 3 weeks since I planted the bare root dwarf fruit trees from Stark Bro’s.  They are doing a lot better than I expected, they were shipped bare root and no leaves and in just 3 weeks in the ground, all 4 trees have grown leaves.

The persimmon trees bear a few fruits and I hope that they will stick and I will be able to harvest a few persimmons in the Fall.

The Blueberry loves the rain, I do also but not during the hours that I need to tend to the garden. We’ll have a good weather this weekend, so I’m hopeful and there are still a lot of work to do in the garden.