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Holiday Lights at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

[vimeo w=515&h=290] Click here to view this video on YouTube Yesterday we decided to visit the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to see the Christmas lights. We got there early and it was still light outside. Some of my photos have digital noise, there was not enough lighting and I bumped the ISO up to… Continue reading Holiday Lights at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

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Saturday Random Photos

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Coming to Town It's kind of odd to see the seagulls Ring-billed  Gulls at a shopping mall when we are miles away from any lake and not to mention the ocean. They are a few that perched on top of the street lamp post. And hanging out by the… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos


The Sky Has Never Been Bluer at Biltmore

I love blue sky, but could never figured out how photographers get their skies to be this blue, and thanks to the tip from Scott Thomas Photography.  These were taken with a polarizing filter, and not photoshop. Fish in the pond asking for food, I don't think we're allowed to feed them. There are still… Continue reading The Sky Has Never Been Bluer at Biltmore

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Christmas Memorial Ornament

Photo by Waterdragonfly I love Christmas lights display, when I first saw Christmas trees inside people’s home; it was somewhat shocking to me. I came to the US during this time of the year, December 8th to be exacted, and our sponsor, the Chinese Christian Church came to pick us up at JFK Airport, took… Continue reading Christmas Memorial Ornament