November Garden Update

It has been a while since I last posted on the blog, and can’t believe it’s November already. I took these photos last weekend and it’s the last set of photos for the garden before the Autumn harvest. I had a good turn out for the Chayote squash.

It didn’t start bearing fruits/vegetables until late September.

I planted Summer squash and it did fairly well in September also.

The bell peppers did well, these 2 photos were taken in September and I had a few bell peppers up until last week.

We had our first frost last week and I had to harvest all the peppers and freeze them for the Winter.

We had plenty of Ogras and it was too much for a few of us that I might have to plant less next year.

I do love the Autumn colors and sadly it’s the last of the garden. I won’t have time to plant the Winter garden but looking forward to next Spring.

Plenty of lemongrasses, and all cut and froze for the Winter.

The mint is still pretty but doesn’t smell or taste good during the cold months.

The last few bell peppers.

I’ll be leaving the banana trees outside this year, and harvested the leaves for steam cooking.

I hope to post more often and share more Autumn photos.


  1. Hello Nye, thanks for your visit. Your garden looks good in November. Mine looks a bit bare right now, dormancy time has started as well as frost. Even snow fell in certain places. What do you do with banana leaves ? Just curious. Wish you a pleasant weekend 🙂

    • Hi, I’ll reply for Nye ; ) In traditional Lao cooking, banana leaves are used as wrapper for steaming or baking food. The banana leaves also adds a unique flavor of such food such as steamed “rice & banana with coconut milk” or “steamed “catfish w/herbs and coconut milk”. Yum!

    • Hi Isa, it’s almost time for gardening again and hope to be able to post more often. Sorry for the late reply and thanks to Bree for answering the questions. I still have a stack of the banana leaves in the freezer, I use it mostly to steam the salmon and vegetables. I use the banana leaves to line the bottom of the steamer, it gives it a nice aroma.

  2. The Chayote squash vine/fruits looks impressive! So does everything else. Always a joy to visit your garden, especially in the middle of our foggy gray winter. Happy year of the dog Nye 🙂

    • Thanks Bree, Happy Chinese New Year to you also. The weather is getting warmer in our area and I will need to start the seedling soon. It will be nice enough to clear the garden this weekend. The Chayote squash looked real nice last year, we had a bounty harvest and I had plenty to share with my sisters and dad. I’m looking forward to this year’s gardening. 🙂

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