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A 3 Year Old Stayed with her Mom’s Body for 3 Days

My sister told me the news about a 3 year old girl named nong Goryarh that stayed with her mom’s body for 3 days.  She and her mom lived in a 3 story townhouse in Bangkok Thailand and her 35 year old mom died of seizure, heart failure around November 10th, 2012.  She didn’t know that her mom passed away and thought that her mom was sick, and slept with her mom every night that was soaked with blood.

Her mom’s co-worker called her sister that she didn’t show up for work for 3 days. Her sister went to the house and the gate was locked.  She went to ask a male neighbor next door to help open the gate. When she came back with the neighbor, she saw her niece, nong Goryarh standing inside the gate calling her name.  Her niece white T-shirt was stained with blood, she knew then something was wrong. Photos below are from a Thai news article.

It’s so sad to read a story like this, the little girl was healthy and in good condition when they found her.

Her aunt took her in.

I could imagine her mom was worried about her.  When her aunt asked nong Goryarh if she had anything to eat or drink,  she said that her mom had fixed milk for her to drink and played with her everyday. And at night she went up to sleep with her mom.

After she went to live with her aunt, nong Goryarh said that her mom came to live with her and sang her a lullaby every night. Before the funeral her sister said that she would smell a very strong odor at her house, and after the funeral the smell has changed to a very strong incense smell.  A month after the funeral they came on a show called People Showing Off Ghost.  The show is in Thai language.

It’s so sad to see nong Goryarh, and everything seems like a blur to her. She told them that she stayed with her mom, and that her mom took care of her during those 3 days.

What really puzzled everyone was how nong Goryarh opened this door to come outside to see her aunt.  It’s a slide door and she is not tall enough to open the latch to slide, see screenshot below.

nong Goryarh said that her mom opened the door for her and told her to go see her aunt outside.

On the second video, they asked a median to communicate with nong Goryarh’s mom, and he asked if her mom was there.  nong Goryarh nodded ‘yes’.

And also nodded when asked if her mom was standing behind the man. The man on the left is the median.

The last video is the message from nong Goryarh’s mom communicating through the median to her older sister asking her to take care of nong Goryarh as her own daughter. Her sister agreed to care for nong Goryarh, and I do hope that her mom will rest in peace.


Chasing after the past, as in past life

When it comes to a reincarnation story, I don’t have many to share, and some of you might have heard this one before. My mom told me this story when I was little. She was from Thailand, and didn’t move to Laos until she was in her late teens.  Back then she lived in a small village, and when she was little, people would barter rice or other items for food, sort of trade instead of buying, my grandmother had all kinds of stuff that people would come and trade, like rice, coconuts, and betel chewing.

Then one day, there was a 16 year old girl that came with her mom, they came to barter for rice at my grandmother’s house, and she saw my mom’s neighbors, 2 elderly ladies in their 60s and she started calling them by their names, using the term EE in front and that upset everyone because that’s very rude for a young person to do that, that’s like saying ‘Yo!.’  Then the young girl told them that she was their mother and asked for her items that they didn’t give her when she passed away, it was her Betel chewing basket.

She was able to tell everything about them in great detail, and had everyone convinced that she was really the reincarnation of their mother, which my mom had no doubt that it was really her.  They went back with her to her new family and she was happy that she got her Betel basket back.  My mom said that 3 days later, she got sick and passed away.  It was believed that she only came to get her basket. It was a sad story, happily reunited for only a brief moment, then parted again the second times around through death.

Of course, this is not very strange for the Thais and Lao as most are Buddhists and believe in reincarnation. But when I read about a Briton artist, Nileen Namita whom believed that she was the Queen Nefertiti in her past life, Queen of the Nile sort of left me speechless. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she began her transformation in 1987 after deciding that in a past life she had lived as Nefertiti.

She said: ‘Throughout my childhood and teen years I had constant vivid dreams of this ancient queen.

‘They were visions of incredible intensity – I could see where she lived, her servants, her rooms, even the food she ate – and although at first I found the dreams frightening, I began to research what they meant.

‘Aged 23 I underwent psychoanalysis with a counselor. Slowly I began to realize that I was having these dreams because I am a reincarnation of Nefertiti.

‘A few weeks later I saw a picture of Nefertiti for the first time and I was struck by how familiar it was.

‘I know some people will find it hard to understand why I have put myself through so much surgery, but by then the visions had become even more powerful, I decided to remodel my face so I looked like a modern version of Nefertiti.’ Read the rest of her interview here.

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The Messenger of Death

Since ancient times, it is believed that birds are a spiritual symbol of the divine because of the birds connection to the sky, they have been thought of as a supernatural link between the heavens and the earth. If that were the case, then who send the messenger of death, the bird that Thai people called Nok Sack.

Barn Owl photographs by Steve Rendell

Photo source.

Nok Sack made me think that it’s a Barn Owl.  This bird is believed to be the messenger of death, if it were to land on anyone’s rooftop then someone that’s ill in that family will pass away in the next few days. Sad but true, this bird landed on my car’s rooftop 3 years ago.

My mom was ill of cancer at the time, and I went somewhere with my dad.  I parked my car in my parent’s driveway, and took my dad’s van instead.  That afternoon, my second sister came home from work and saw this strange creature sitting on top of my car’s rooftop. She looked at it, and it stared back at her.  She said that its face looked very much like a cat with big eyes, in my mind when she first told me this I kept thinking that it was an eagle.  It must have come to visit her fishpond, so not strange to me at all.

Several days later my mom passed away.  This bothered my second sister so bad that she asked the local monk, and he said that it was the messenger of death. As I was searching for the name of this bird, I learned that it’s not just the Thais or Lao that believe this, the Westerners also believe that the Owl is a symbol of death and darkness, but also wisdom, insight and virtue.  The hoot of an Owl denotes disappointments and forewarns that death or deceit creeps closely in the wake of joy and health (source).

Odd to see it in broad daylight, the one that my second sister saw must have been sent by the dark force in nature because as we all know that it hides in darkness and fears the light and here it showed itself in the middle of the day. I wish it never came, but I guess it was only doing its job as the messenger of death.