Garden 5-29-2018 Rain

I don’t know if my garden needed a break from the rain, I know I do. It has been raining for several days now. Everything is growing rapidly, even the straw starts to grow grass.  I would like to be able to go out and work in the garden again, I still have lemongrass to plant.
The chili peppers start to take off once the weather got warmer, they love the hot weather.
I’m surprised to see tomatoes this early.
The cucumbers are climbing the trellis. The lower part of the garden is still flooded.
The Okras also like the hot weather and start to take off.
I planted a row like last year and will have to give away once they start to produce. I won’t be able to eat them all.
It’s nice to see the blueberries ripped.
The inground potted Basils are doing well, a lot better than I expected.
Thai basils.
I will have to help the string beans climb the trellis, hopefully, the weather will be better tomorrow, although it’s not too promising.
The Chayote certainly can help themselves climbing the trellis and they look really healthy this year. For once I’m up to date with my garden post.


  1. You have so much rain, and we have had so much sunshine, the warmest ever measured. Strange weather! Your garden looks promising, I´ll look forward to see all the nice vegetables you produce. I tried to find lemongrass last year, without any luck, I will try again this year.

    • Hi Giiid, the weather is so unpredictable, we had no rain last week but some this week. The garden comes up nicer with the rain. I was hoping that my lemongrass would come up this year but with the cold winter, it didn’t come back up. I planted my lemongrass late this year and got some from my sisters. They are not as pretty but it beats not having any at all.

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