Spring Garden Cleanup

It’s warm enough to work outside now and I’ve been busy cleaning the garden. It’s nice and privacy to live in a wooded lot but certainly a lot of work having to clear the leaves around the house, otherwise we’ll get a lot of slithering visitors.

I saw several in the garden and most are baby brown and black snakes. I used to be so afraid of them, but thinking now they are probably afraid of me more.

We had a lot of trees down this winter, hope to make good use of them in the garden as planting bed borders.

I can’t remember the name of this plant now, but I think it’s in the Swiss chard family. It tolerates both cool weather and heat and survived the cold weather in our area.

The mints survived the winter as well but still doesn’t have the strong minty aroma yet.

The spring flowers came out at the beginning of March. I’m more of a vegetable gardener and not so much of a flower gardener, but so fortunate that the previous owner planted plenty of pretty spring flowers around the house. Spring is here, I’m just waiting for the weather to get warm enough to start planting in the garden.

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