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Saturday Random Photos

The day of the super moon that everyone had been telling me about, the morning was promising that we might have a clear sky Saturday night. I got up early to go to a T-shirt sales from one of the manufacturing companies in Maiden, all T-shirts were selling for $1 to $3 each.  I think… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos

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Fall Garden

What about now by Chris Daughtry It has been raining a lot lately, very gloomy and things seem very depressing no matter where you turn. As for most businesses in our area, they're thriving, many are focusing on cost cutting rather than revenue generating since it's a hopeless situation to bring in more business.  It's… Continue reading Fall Garden

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Ira Cline is Saying Bye-Bye to his Strawberry Farm

Below is a picture of Ira Cline, this is his last season to greet his strawberry customers, some are his friends that come to pick his strawberries year after year. Another sad story, when I heard that Ira Cline Farm is closing his strawberry farm, this only stresses the fact that this area is getting… Continue reading Ira Cline is Saying Bye-Bye to his Strawberry Farm