More Snow

We all have different reasons why we like snow. Lee loves it because she doesn’t have school, Max loves to eat snow, and as for me it’s an opportunity to photograph snow.

February Snow

Perhaps it’s appropriate to call February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon because usually the heaviest snows fall in February. I didn’t think we would get any snow this year, and welcoming any snow precipitation heading this way. The snow started late yesterday, and dropped a few inches overnight. Our neighborhood looks peaceful, most businesses were shut down due to the tremulous road condition. I’m from New York so this is nothing to me.

Bo’s preparing to scrape the side walk.

Next month we have to turn this into a normal backyard, removing my garden and put the house up for sale. I’m looking forward to moving but sure will miss this place.

Frozen fishpond.

The road was empty this morning, I drove down this hilly road and it made me think of the ski slope as I was heading down.

Snow Moon

The full moon looks huge when I left work and I was hoping that it wouldn’t rise too high by the time I get home. It was actually a lot lower but I took the picture anyway since I didn’t want to miss the blue hour.

February’s full Moon is traditionally called the Full Snow Moon because usually the heaviest snows fall in February. This might be true in other parts of the country but certainly not here in North Carolina this year.

It’s a lot harder to capture Jupiter and the moon, I guess the big white star on the left hand side is Jupiter. There is a white streak below the moon, I know it’s not the milky way :) , the jet flew by right before I took this picture and left a jet trail behind.