Backyard Chicken Coop

From my previous post, I uncovered some building materials in my backyard while racking the leaves that we could use to build a chicken coop. Bo hired one of his friends to build and it took him 2 weekends to get it done. He was able to use the wood for the base, and metal roof. We bought the rest of the materials for him. The land was sloped and he had to make sure it’s leveled first.

It’s a custom chicken coop where you can open the nesting boxes from the outside, there are nesting boxes on both sides. This is the front and the venting window has a flap to open and close. He was going to put a plexiglass at first but Bo didn’t want the roosters to crow too early in the morning.

The back of the chicken coop the window slides open for venting and the nesting boxes can be opened from outside also.


The builder laid a plastic lining on the floor for easy cleaning and this is a view of the nesting boxes from inside the coop.


There are doors on both sides.


We have to put up fencing for the outdoor run. We’ve never raised the chicken and ducks together and not sure how they will get along. If they can get along then we will do one long outdoor run for the chicken and ducks.

Gardening Happy

I didn’t have much time to clear the land since the weather is getting warmer, the plants need to go in the ground. I was working from the front of the garden to the back, patiently making rows of planting bed one by one. The ground was hard and filled with rocks, it was very difficult tilling the dirt or more like tilling the rocks. I removed barrels and barrels of rocks and brought in new garden soils, instead of planting the first week it seems like I was working in the rock garden.

The second week I had 4 planting beds ready and planted tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds as a companion to the plants.

I repaired the old trellis left from the previous owners, not sure if I wanted to keep the lattice fence look. It’s not in the best of shape and starts to fall apart and will not give a good support to the plant vines. The previous owners planted the Muscadine grapes, and it wasn’t climbing on the trellis but crawling on the ground when I found it. I transplanted a few plants and moved them back to below the trellis.

I learned how to gardening from my mom and she soaked her seeds before planting them. It took me almost 2 weeks before I was able to plant and my snow peas looked like bean sprouts.

I planted them in two rows, and will put a trellis in the middle so they will be able to climb. The last row is the okra plants, they are extremely drought and heat resistant and produce plentiful crops and beautiful flowers till the Fall.

I also planted two rows of cucumbers, a trellis will go up in the middle of the rows as well since they like to climb.

The below plant is a gift from a fellow gardener.

I worked on the third-row planting beds this past weekend and was surprised to see that the dirt looked real good. It was dark with few rocks and lots of worms. I could have kicked myself, the old garden must have started here and not where I started. I should have surveyed the land better. This planting bed will be perfect for the herb garden.

After soaking the lemongrass in a bucket for almost 2 weeks, I was surprised that it didn’t take roots. I have enough to plant three rows.

The two plants below are also gifts, hope they’ll be happy in my garden.

I still have room toward the back of the garden to plant the watermelon. This is my first year planting it, I’m excited and can’t wait to see them grow.

I missed my gardenias from my old house and planted a few in my new garden. I hope these bloom soon, I absolutely love the aroma. Having a garden in the middle of the woods makes me nervous, the fence will go up next week and hopefully I won’t have any visitors before then.

Songkran Festival 2016 at Wat Greensboro

We celebrated a Southeast Asian New Year at our local temple Wat Greensboro last Sunday April 17, 2016. The celebration was later than the actual New Year celebration which was celebrated on April 13 to the 15th in Southeast Asia, it’s celebrated for 3 days.

Cups of sand were prepared for Jaydee Cide or sand stupas.

There were plenty of foods brought in by worshipers to offer to the monks.

The traditional morning Almsgiving of offering foods to the monks.

The vendors were busy, many food vendors donated their profits to the temple.

It’s a tradition to visit your elders and pour water over their hands and wish them good health and happiness for the New Year and this year we took the opportunity to do it at the temple. It’s nice to be able to pass down the tradition to the younger generations.

I’m always behind the camera and this time my sister offered to take the picture for me. I’m glad I handed her my camera, this image is priceless.

We also pour water over Buddha images for blessing and cleansing the rust from our hearts and souls and wish a good year of health and prosperity.

The traditional Khmer dancers.

I normally don’t do a video without my tripod and my reading glasses but I don’t think that still photos will do justice. The video is a bit shaky and not as sharp as I like for it to be, hope you will enjoy watching these young dancers.

Please visit Wat Greensboro’s Facebook to see more photos of Songkran Festival 2016.