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Rules-Cynthia Lord Book Signing

Lee went to Cynthia Lord's book signing at Lenoir Rhyne University for the Little Reader program on April 13, 2013. She was so excited to finally meet the author, and this is the second book signing that she has gone to at LR. A stage play of Rules by LR student. The little readers on… Continue reading Rules-Cynthia Lord Book Signing

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Saturday Random Photos at My Dad’s House

[vimeo w=560&h=315] Some of the Spring flowers at my dad's house are blooming. These were budding last weekend and now they are in full bloom. The Sakura flowers finally bloomed. Lee levitating, I know kind of late for Spring forward. She was attempting to teach her aunt Bee to levitate. Not exactly Levitating, but I… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos at My Dad’s House

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Biltmore April 1, 2012

[vimeo w=515&h=290] I apologize for so many photos, it is impossible to take a few shots when you are at Biltmore. I will miss visiting this place in the summer, but hope to spend more time camping with my family. Lee will miss their Margarita Pizza the most. I'm sure she will miss their gift… Continue reading Biltmore April 1, 2012


Saturday Random Photos

Lee's levitation is inspired by Natsumi. My niece took her turn.  I'm not sure if they were having fun, but I know it is tiring.  It's actually a good exercise for them. My dad's Cherry blossom is in full bloom, I'm actually late in photographing this since some blooms are wilted already. When Bo planted… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos


Saturday Random Photos

My sister filled her fishpond with dirt on Saturday.  She saw the video of her fish, and said that those are not Butterfly Koi but long tail comets.  When she mentioned long tail comet, the name Hale-Bopp comet  came to mind. I thought to myself, your are kidding right? I thought they were fat Butterfly… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos

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Saturday Random Photos

This will be the last that you will see of the winter around here.  We are sprung forward and daylight saving time change is this weekend. Today we went to the Carolina Home & Garden Show at the Hickory Metro Convention Center.  Bo was able to get us some extra tickets, and  my dad came… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos