Early June Garden

It has been raining a lot in our area, the plus side is that I don’t have to water the garden and the downside is that the heavy storm damaged some of the young plants. The weeds also grow a lot faster than I could weed them. The lemongrass is doing well, they repel mosquitoes and I planted them next to the bench.

I have many tiny black and green frogs in the garden and have to be careful not to step on them.

I think growing tomatoes in pairs is too much for them trying to grow inside the cage, now I know that they need more room to grow. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The sugar snap peas are doing well. The heavy rains this week snapped a few wines but I was able to tie them back to the trellis, so far they are doing okay.

I had to help the cucumbers climb the trellis last week, hope to be able to harvest in the next two weeks.

My herbs are growing faster than I could harvest them.

This year I had a hard time locating the Thai Basil, I looked everywhere even at the local nursery and had no luck. We stopped by the farmer’s market the past two weekends and found a vendor that sell them. I was so happy and it was only $2 per pot, I purchased two and wish that I had purchased more.

Some of my pepper seedlings didn’t survive the heavy rains and I had to purchase young pepper plants to replace them.

I still have a few seedlings that are thriving. The weather is hot now, and they should be taking off.

PaNoy gave me some Asian string bean seeds and they are doing well.

I absolutely love the blueberry and since they are not so fruitful this year, I have to make sure I pick them before the birds.

The Okras are coming along a lot slower than expected. I recently learned that they like warm weather, and I planted them too soon.

I’m looking forward to harvesting the persimmons in the Fall, I have a few fruits this year.

The 20+ year-old Kaffir lime tree that Bo’s mom gave me is growing new leaves. This tree goes through a lot, it has moved 3 times and hope that this garden is a permanent home.