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10 Year Anniversary of Blogging at Nye Noona

This has been my virtual home for 10 years and I certainly enjoy blogging at Nye Noona. As long as I could remember, we never stayed at one place for more than 10 years. Since I was little we moved from place to place. We fled from a war-torn country Laos when I was little to Thailand, then we immigrated to American, Brooklyn New York. The church bus picked us up at the JFK Airport to take us to the new apartment passing through Flatbush Avenue late at night on December 10th. This was the first time I saw a strange culture where people decorated their houses with lighted trees, soon I learned that those were Christmas trees. We moved to Philadelphia during my sophomore year in High School and moved back to New York for College. After College, we moved to North Carolina and I have been here since. Since then, we have moved numerous times, obviously within the 10 years time frame except for the last house we lived there for 11 years. I certainly hope that it’s not going to be a trend for this virtual home, 10 years of blogging and I’m still happy here.


Eight Year Anniversary of Blogging and Many Thanks

It has been 8 years since I started this blog, and this year updating has been very slow. It’s easy to say that I don’t have time, but in reality we should be able to make time for the things we love and busy is not a good excuse. As for me life is driven by passion, and as long as we have the passion anything is possible. One of my passions is photography, and it’s something that I would love to share with you here at my blog. If you are still reading this, I want to thank you for sticking around to read my blog and I will try my best to do better with the update.
We all have many things to be thankful for, especially for families and friends on Thanksgiving Day. We had our Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house, and there’s plenty of food.