Safe Zone

I woke up Friday morning to find 2 more killed, one young chick was in a small cage and the raccoon was able to kill it but not get to it to eat, then he killed another duck to eat. At this point I was hopeless, I looked at all the area that I secured at the bottom, and couldn’t find any area that he could get in and out.

I went back to the back area where he normally killed and ate the ducks/chickens and saw his foot trail outside the fence. I looked at the bottom of the fence and it was secured.

I looked up and saw the bent fence, sure enough he got in through the top. When we put up the net, we zip tied the net to the fence but did it 6 to 12 inches apart and it looked tight and secured. I spent 4 hours yesterday zip tied the net to the fence, the top of the fence is now secured.

The photos were taken with the iPhone and it’s not as clear as my camera.  The camera is still on vacation.

I used all 800 cable ties, and this morning I was happy to see that he wasn’t able to get in. It’s such a relief to know that the ducks and chickens are safe at night.