Holiday Gathering

It certainly would not be politically correct to call it a Christmas gathering anymore, one of my nieces recently converted to Jewish and can’t celebrate Christmas, I was informed and so it’s a Holiday gathering. It’s nice to have some time off from work and get to spend time with family and friends.

At our house Christmas morning meant 12 midnight on December 25th, Max was excited to get so many treats.

The pile of gifts were for relatives for the Holiday gathering and Lee got a present from Santa.

A new IPad with huge storage. Lee loves to draw and images take up lots of memory.

I received a measuring set, it will come in handy.

The family gathering was at Bo’s niece house was great, we had plenty of foods.

I made egg rolls.

We had plenty of desserts, and not to mention I think I must have gained at least 5 pounds.

They played dirty Santa, not exactly the gift that he was hoping for.

And not a winning ticket.

Bo’s dad received an iPad from Bo, not very expensive but the look on his face and excitement was priceless.

Christmas is the most exciting time for kids, this one received many, many, many gifts.

I don’t normally get my photo taken, this one is a selfie and I couldn’t resist. I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and Holidays.


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