Ghost story

The Midnight Riders

This is a ghost story submitted to me by EA Tiwat. It is a ghost story written in Thai Language, translated by Nye. I’m not a biker and might have used the lingo incorrectly, I translated as is.

The story took place in the year 1987 (Thai year 2530) here in Bangkok, which happened amongst the wild and daring group of teenagers that like to bike race for speed and like to visit haunted places or abandon houses that are known for a scary ghost.

At the time if you had to rate the haunting of different places, there’s no exception to this place because you can say it’s on the top of the haunted list in Bangkok, Thailand. This place is a burying ground for Thai and Thai Chinese, it’s Wat Don Cemetery Yannawa Bangkok that everyone mentioned because it’s haunted. The story that happened was a group of teenagers that like to race for speed and also like to visit abandoned houses that are known for a horror story or rumors that it’s haunted.

I like to take you back to around the year 1987 (Thai year 2530), which in that decades is different from now. It’s not as modern as right now. There’s no street light in the alleyways. Bangkok at the time lacked electricity; some area was as dark as a cave, only some section that had street lights. Unlike nowadays, everywhere in Bangkok is as bright as if they were having a temple festival, every street and corners have street lights.

At the time my uncle was around 19, he liked to drink, smoke like most teenagers on the block. During the day they would hang out at the movie, smoking cigarettes and flirting with girls. When nightfall they would hang out at the bar and at closing time they had nothing better to do so they went to visit known haunted places that are famous for scary ghost or bike racing for money to see who’s the speed devil. It’s like the loser had to pay the winner and the winning amount is according to the agreed betting amount, which in my uncle’s group you get to pick your own rival. This was their normal routine, they took turn losing and took turn winning. It’s all depending on how fast and horsepower of the bike that’s used for the race.

One night after my uncle’s group sat and drank until the bar closed and still didn’t want to go home so they went to the bikers’ meeting place around Krongtey Bangkok. This time the starting point for the race was from Thareu Street passing Sathon, Trok Chan, Yannawa and entering Chomthong, which was the end of the route for the race. The person in the group that enters the finish line first wins the race and takes home the cash prize. After that, they all agreed that they will go to Wat Don Cemetery Yannawa Bangkok and challenged the ghost spirits that lived in the cemetery to come out and see with their own eyes. Perhaps shout daring anything so that they would know that ghost spirits do exist. Everyone was excited, they had never done this before. They just wanted to know that ghost spirits do exist and not just rumors.

At the starting line, my uncle rode the bike and his friend rode in the backseat as the back warmer. Once the race started, the engine fired, everyone rolling on the throttle to increase their speed. The bikes low side left and right according to their racing techniques until they reached the entrance of Wat Don Cemetery, which was a narrowed road, only 1 can enter or come out at a time because the road to enter and exit was the same road. Normally the vehicle that’s already entered had to back out to exit, there’s not enough room to make a u-turn to come back out.

Once we reached the entrance we all got excited since we had never done this before. Looking at the entrance it was very dark, there’s no street light.

One of the guys in the group named Joe yelled “Let’s rock and roll! I want to know if it’s as haunted as we have heard. Let’s go!” Once Joe finished speaking, he fired his engine and took off with his motorcycle and was the first to enter the cemetery then followed by 3-4 friends that followed him from a distance. My uncle and his friend that rode in the back was the last bike to enter the cemetery. It was a dark gravel dirt road, plus it was not a smooth ride, there were potholes and dust flying everywhere. He couldn’t see the bikes in front of him, just the headlight of his own motorcycle that cut through the darkness. Once they rode through the entrance of the cemetery, my uncle’s bike got closer to the destination and that’s the graveyard.

My uncle and his friend heard one of his friends named Chid yelled “Hoy! Run, can’t stay anymore, Yo let’s go!” a few seconds after they heard Chid, my uncle heard motorcycles roaring heading toward the entrance coming from the graveyard. My uncle and his friend saw several headlights from the motorcycles and the roaring of the engines were heading toward them. Everyone was riding low side left and right and it’s like they weren’t afraid that they might fall even though the road had potholes and could easily cause them to crash. Joe was the first to go in and now yelling for my uncle to turn his bike around and that the ghost was following them from behind. My uncle’s friends sped past him and disappeared into the darkness leaving my uncle and his friend at Wat Don Cemetery.

Not long after that my uncle saw motorcycle headlights from another group heading his way and coming out from the graveyard. At that time my uncle stopped his motorcycle and was making a U-turn. His friend turned back to look and told my uncle to move ASAP because the group that’s coming out is not your typical bikers. My uncle rolling the throttle and took off but it seemed as if he’s rolling the throttle to speed up didn’t seem to work as well, he came out from Wat Don Cemetery in slow motion as it seemed.

Once he had reached the road, he looked ahead for his friends but they were nowhere to be found. Then his friend that rode with him said ‘Hoy! Gogol! They are catching up.” My uncle turned around to look, he was shocked when he saw a gang of ghost bikers riding mangled motorcycles, and it’s more like scrap metal and not in any condition to ride. It looked totaled and could only be sold for scrap metal. The ghosts rode behind my uncle, my uncle rolling on the throttle and took off. He thought he had lost them, so he stopped his bike and turned around to look. Suddenly there was a gust of winds then they heard the sound of the dog howling from a distance and there was a foul rotten smell in the air. They heard the sound of the owl flying back and forth, making a circle above their heads. My uncle and his friend looked around and didn’t see anything. Then my uncle and his friend looked at each other froze and in panic, my uncle took off with his motorcycle and headed home.

He thought that his friends probably got back and waiting for them at home. Then my uncle heard the roaring of the motorcycles in front of them, he was happy and pointed for his friend to see that the guys slowed down to wait for them. My uncle sped up to catch up with his friends. Once he caught up with them, he then sped up to middle and it turned out that what they saw was bone chilling and they were shocked, the group that my uncle rode with was the ghost riders that came out to scare bikers. They were riding mangled motorcycles, the ghost bikers were headless bloody running down from a severed neck and the foul order was everywhere, some had brain dripping and skull crushed on one side, some only had the upper body, and another one didn’t have left arm and left leg. They were riding scrap metal motorcycles and appeared to be totaled for many years. They turned to ask my uncle and his friend to join their gang.

At the split of a second, my uncle closed his eyes and rolling on the throttle and sped off. He was scared and shocked, he tried to increase his speed and rolling on the throttle in panic but it appeared that it’s not going any faster until his friend that rode behind fell off the motorcycle and lost conscience. My uncle ran off the road and hit a big tree.

My uncle was in a critical condition and admitted to the hospital. His friends came to visit him at the hospital and saw that he had several cuts and bruises but not as serious. Joe was the first that went inside the cemetery told my uncle that Nung lost conscious for 3 days, he checked out from the hospital already. He was so scared that he ordained as a novice monk offering merit to the ghost spirits as soon as he got out from the hospital.

As for Joe and his friends, after they took off and thought that they were safe but then the ghost spirits that they challenged to come out at the graveyard suddenly appeared on the side of the road, everyone saw right in front of them and was shocked. They took off, rolling on the throttle and took off for their dear lives. The ghost spirits followed them; they rode low side left and right and crashed their motorcycles. They were injured but nothing serious. The next morning they met again to make merit for the ghost spirits at Wat Don Cemetery Yannawa. After that incident, no one dares to go challenge the ghost again because they were afraid that they might encounter with the midnight riders.