The Coin Ghost

This is a translated ghost story from The Shock written in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

Playing the Ouija board, Thai called it the glass cup ghost was known amongst students, but Ann’s school would use a coin. It was a 5 baht coin, so it’s probably safe to call it ‘Coin Ghost.’ First of all, I need to give you a background; I was a Christian at the time. My father’s side of the family and relatives were Christians, and this started when I was attending a Junior High School and still living with my grandmother, who lived close to the school. It’s about a 10-minute walk to get there. After school, my friends liked to play the Coin Ghost. It’s an after-school activity among friends, but I didn’t know it because I have lived with the Lord. I noticed that they had so much fun, then I got curious, so I asked if I could watch to see how it’s played. My friends showed me how it’s played; I got so excited.

“Hey, is this for real? The coin can move for real?”
My friends had all the proper equipment to play with, incense stick, candle, the spell to invite the ghost spirit to possess the coin, and they asked me to give it a try,
“Do you want to try? You want to join us?”
The first day I told them, “I don’t want to; I’m scared.”

The next day they played again. I’m telling you, it’s trendy. I watched them play again; as 2-3 days had passed, I was beginning to get used to the game. It looked like fun, I thought about giving it a try, and my friends insisted that I should try. 
“Do you want to try? You can touch it and see that it can move for real.”

After 2 days passed, I decided to give it a try. It must have been my bad luck; the day that they had over 20 people playing, I didn’t play. They were taking turns playing that day, but I decided to play on the day that only 4 people played. Everyone had a blast asking questions, and I touched the coin with everyone else. Which, it’s able to move on its own. We played until it was time to go home; we put the games away, including the Ouija board and various spells. No one wants to be responsible for taking it home; one was making an excuse that her mom would say something and can’t take anything home. They concluded, “Then let Ann take it home, will you? Ann’s family is a Christian; they probably won’t say anything?”
I replied, “Sure will.”

After I agreed, I took everything, put it in my bookbag, and took it home. Luckily, I got home at 5 in the evening, and there was no one home. The house was locked, and I couldn’t get in. I sat out on the front porch and played with the dog. Then I opened my book bag and thought that I should play. We didn’t finish the game today, and since I’m not doing anything, I could play to kill time. I closed my eyes, invited the ghost spirit from the spell my friends wrote on paper and touched the coin. Eh! It moved. After asking questions for a while, it didn’t want to move. I thought to myself, ‘Or maybe only one player doesn’t have power.’
But I continued to ask, “Are you tired? Want to rest?”

On the (Thai) Ouija board, a slot said ‘Rest’ those that used to play might remember, but it replied “No.”
I asked, “Oh, so why aren’t you moving any faster? If not tired, why not move? “
The coin moved slowly and spelled the word ‘Hungry.’
“Oh, hungry? Then what to do?” I asked.
The coin spelled the word ‘Hungry’ again, and at this time, I began to feel uneasy; I started to get scared. What should I do? I told it to exit since I wanted to stop playing, but it moved back and forth and spelled the word ‘No.’ It refused to leave. But I didn’t give up and was really afraid this time. I gave it a push and dragged the coin to the ‘Rest’ slot and repeated the exit spell that my friends wrote for me, and thought to myself, ‘Stop playing! What the heck keeps saying ‘Hungry Hungry Hungry’? What does it want me to do for it?’

After repeating the spell, I put everything back in my bookbag. In short, while someone came home, I went inside the house. I couldn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night. I shared a bedroom with my cousin, that’s about the same age as me, and she’s also my grandparents’ granddaughter. My cousin was asleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep, no matter what I tried, and couldn’t fall asleep. My bedroom has a vintage window; the window was from floor to ceiling, and it had a curtain, but I felt like someone was staring at me. Based on the Christian belief, I don’t believe in ghosts, so I said my prayer and asked the Lord to grant me a wish; so I could fall asleep, amen. Then I went back to sleep; oh still can’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned until morning.

I felt uneasy; I thought maybe it was the coin ghost. So I went to ask the school custodian because if I were to ask someone at home, they wouldn’t be able to answer since they are Christians. Worst, I might get yelled at for bringing something nonsense to play. So I went to ask the school custodian because the day that I played was on a Friday, and the following day was a Saturday, and there was no one at the school. After asking the question, he was startled and blurted out, “How can you play by yourself? Do you not know that you can’t play by yourself? Whether it’s the glass cup ghost or the coin ghost, you have to have at least 2 people to play. You have to help each other move the coin; playing by yourself, the ghost might possess you, or you could get a whiplash rolling on the floor with pain.”

“Owh, if can’t play by yourself then how come it’s able to move?”

“It moves because you have invited it, but it can possess you, and that’s why they don’t allow you to play by yourself.”

“No wonder I couldn’t fall asleep. I felt like someone was watching me. I meditated, and it didn’t help, closed the curtain, and it didn’t help, and still felt like someone was staring at me the whole time.”

“If this was all you have encountered, you are very fortunate. It didn’t appear for you to see or possess your body, so consider yourself lucky. I suggest that you resolve this, such as taking 1 boiled chicken to where you invited it to come.” As soon as the school custodian mentioned this, I remembered that when my friends quit playing and I was still deeply involved in the games, I said, “Hoy! What, quit already? I’m still having fun. Can I continue with the game?”

At the time, it must have been like asking it to come home with me. I had to go back to school again because the school custodian suggested that I take 1 boiled chicken, 1 bottle of white liquor, an incense stick, and a candle to pay respect and ask for forgiveness. Then I placed the incense stick in the middle of the school playground, said a prayer, and asked for forgiveness. ‘What I did, I had no intention and didn’t know. Please forgive me for trespassing.’ It’s a good thing that it was on a Saturday. Otherwise, it would have been a big commotion and chaotic for sure.

The school custodian asked me to sit and wait for the incense stick to burn out before I could leave. Once the incense stick burnt to the bottom, I walked to the middle of the school playground to get the chicken before heading home. Believe it or not, the chicken had minor indent marks, and it looked like something had bit into it. The hole was the size of a pinkie, right in the middle of the chicken breast. It was extraordinary, but I didn’t take the chicken home; I closed my eyes while shoving the chicken into the bag and giving it to the school custodian.

Once the school opened, I returned the game set to my friends but didn’t dare tell them what had happened. I was afraid that they might tease and laugh at me.


  1. Oh! my, so creepy! I heard many stories of the Ouija board, but never dare to even go close to it. As the custodian said, she was very fortunate.

    • I don’t read the story before I translate, and start to translate as reading it so it’s quite creepy for me also since I only have time to translate at night. I kept thinking what would happen next and didn’t expect the incident of the chicken to turn out that way. I think the next story will be the midnight rider and will work on it this weekend, so stay tuned.

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