Raccoon Captured!

Even though the chicken/ducks cage is secured but we still fear that the raccoon will try to find a way to go inside. I set a trap last week with marshmallows and cat food but since he had live ducks to feast he didn’t even touch the bait. The last 2 nights he ate the marshmallows around the trap. Bo set a Wildgame camera last night to see if he would come back. The Wildgame camera is really neat, and we’ll need to buy one, this one we borrowed from our neighbor. It captures movement and last night/early this morning it took many photos of the ducks and raccoon in action.

The cat food and marshmallows work wonder for raccoon bait. I set the cat food and a few pieces of marshmallows inside the trap then make a trail of marshmallows around the trap.

These are the photos from the Wildgame camera last night/early this morning.

Notice that you can see the ducks in this image.

Then they all disappeared when the raccoon came around.

He’s looking for a way to get inside the cage.

We knew that he would eventually go inside the trap since he was hungry, notice you don’t see the ducks in this image below or the one above.

Then they all came out when the raccoon was inside the trap, I guess they knew it’s safe now.

He didn’t move when I took his photos this morning.

He’s a beauty and after I took his pictures I went to work. I wasn’t sure what Bo plan to do with him, and if it were me I would have released him far away. Bo took the raccoon to his friend’s land and released him in the wood. As soon as Bo opened the trap door he took off into the wood. I’m just glad that he didn’t kill him.


  1. Sounds like a fun encounter :-).. I probably handled it little differently, also probably can’t be blogging about it either. LOL

    • It’s pretty stressful, I’m glad Bo came back from vacation when I caught it, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I offered to my oldest sister that was visiting from NYC and my dad wouldn’t let her eat it, he said we came a long way. 😀

  2. Wow, what a story! I would imagine a fox was causing all this trouble. Glad you found the right guy and took care of it. And glad he was released into the woods.

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