Seedling and Cleaning up the Garden

I wonder if I started my cucumber seedlings too early, the first week I was worried that they won’t sprout but now I wish they won’t get too tall. I’m very fortunate to have big windows and plenty of sunlight during the day.

These are the National Pickling Cucumbers, I hope that they won’t be too top heavy. It’s too cold and windy to take them outside to get fresh air right now.

I’m planting two types of tomatoes, the Jelly Bean Hybrid and Early Girl Hybrid.

I couldn’t decide on the hot pepper and bought the Pepper Hot Mix pack and let’s hope I get a variety of hot peppers.

The spring flowers start to bloom and our tulip tree flowers bloomed last week.

It’s warm enough to work outside and I’m cleaning up my garden and working on getting the planting beds ready. I have a nice spot to sit and rest now, Bo bought this vintage bench on letgo for a good price. 

I mulch and prune the butterfly bushes, looking forward to seeing the beautiful purple flowers this summer.

It’s nice to see greenery, I’ll be planting the mints in a box garden this year.

I planted 4 persimmon trees, two in front and two in the back of the garden.

Bo took my Kaffir Lime tree out too soon, the weather will be in the 20s and 30s this weekend and I’ll have to bring it back inside tomorrow.

I bought this cart last year, it sat in the box the whole time, and finally put it together the past weekend. It’s nice a sturdy and I absolutely love it. I have plenty to do this weekend.

Certainly Early Spring Here

Perhaps it might be 6 more weeks of winter up North, but certainly not in North Carolina. Regardless of the groundhog’s forecasting being right or wrong, it’s still very interesting to watch and I’m rooting for early Spring. It’s a lot warmer during the day here but still very cold at night.

I guess the winter cabbages/vegetables don’t count for an early sign of Spring but it’s pretty and I couldn’t resist taking the pictures.

The ducks are ready for Spring, the water is a bit cold right now and they’ll enjoy swimming in the pond more once the weather gets warmer.

The heating lamp comes in handy during the cold nights, especially for the young ducks that don’t have full feathers to keep them warm.

The hens and ducks start laying eggs again, it was far and few during the winter months. The past few weeks we had enough to give fresh eggs to my dad and sisters. As of right now we have 60+ chickens and ducks.

North Carolina Winter

I’m happy with one or two snowfalls per year and this year we had an early snow in early-January.

Max loved the snow also, and not afraid of the cold at all.

He certainly can move a lot faster than Bo

I don’t have a lot going on in the garden, and the duck pond is filling up with the rains and melting snow.

The winter vegetables were buried in the snow for several days and amazingly they survived.

This year was extremely cold and the snow stayed for several days. The main roads cleared up and I ventured out to Murray’s Mills to take a few photos.

Across the pond people were sledding down the hill. I don’t think we’ll have another snowfall this year and looking forward to the Spring.