15 Year Anniversary of Blogging at Nye Noona

I am so grateful to be able to blog at WordPress: Nye Noona for 15 years, the last year or so has been hard for me to be able to blog on a regular basis. I started a healthier lifestyle and joined Burn Boot Camp in January of 2020. It was hard at first but I showed up 6 days a week until the Covid shut down in March of 2020. I think we all learned to adapt, I still show up every day and exercise in my garage, and am so thankful for my accountability partners. The garage climate is less than perfect, the Summer was extremely hot and Winter extremely cold

Jaeger and Hunter have been good accountable partners and I have not gone back to the gym since. I am not sure when I will feel comfortable going back to the gym.

The camping trip is closer to home, like my backyard and our last camping trip was Thanksgiving weekend.

15 years of blogging and Happy Anniversary.