Different Place, Different Time, But Same Feeling


Even though this picture was painted at a different place and different time, but the feeling after looking at it brought back my childhood memory. When I was little, my sisters took us to the Mekong River to bath in the evening, by the time we finished it was dusk. This picture reminded me of looking from where I stood to the other side of the Mekong River. It’s very odd, different place, different time, but same feeling. The simplicity of the picture can make your imagination run wild, something that I can look at for a long, long time.

In the darkness of the night, you can see there were lights at several spots on the picture, the reflections of those lights on the water make me wonder what were on the other side, and what were the people doing. The huge body of water, the soft colors made me think that there might be a crescent or full moon above, but strangely, there’s no reflection on the water.

This art piece is called Nocturne: Blue and Silver – Cremorne Lights, it was painted by an American artist, James Abbott McNeil Whistler, 1872, oil on canvas.