Our First Snow in North Carolina

It has been a challenge trying to find time to blog on a regular basis, I do admire those that can post on a regular basis. It will take a lot more commitment on my part.

We had our first snow almost 2 weeks ago, snow came a bit early this year on December 8th and I was happy to see it. It certainly would not be the same if we didn’t get any snow in the winter, even here in North Carolina.


It has been 3 years since we moved here, still love the country life and the big outdoor space.

We knew that it will be a harsh winter, and got the straw for the chicken and ducks right before the snowfall.

We built a shelter for the ducks, at least it will keep them dry from the snow and rain, not that they mind the rain so much but it does make me feel better that we are a little more prepared this year.

I didn’t plant any Fall garden, this year’s garden didn’t turn out too bad but I just didn’t have time to do a blog post on the garden update on a regular basis.

It does look like a white Christmas, we decorated the Christmas tree a week after Thanksgiving. It’s the same artificial Christmas tree that we put up every year, and we got this the Christmas of 2000 from the silent auction. It’s the 1980 Country Christmas theme.