Thanksgiving Feast Lao Style

We travel every year to Bo’s parents for Thanksgiving.This year Lee dressed her part as the Native American, but in reality we were like the Pilgrims that traveled the Mayflower journey to settle in North America.  We just came many moons later.

As Laotians and Laotian Americans living in the US, we are thankful to be here. I was Lee’s age when I came to America.

We all brought in a dish or two and I made 2 trays of spring rolls.

Stuffing is one of Bo’s favorite dish on Thanksgiving, and his mom learned how to make this American dish from her sponsor.

I called this dish Goi Gai, but I’m sure some Laotians called it Larb Gai.  It is a Lao spicy chicken salad.

Tum mak houng (spicy papaya salad)

som phak kad (pickled green vegetables)

All homemade desserts.

The pumpkin cupcakes were delicious.  Lee and I have to give this a try, and we could probably find a good deal on pumpkin this time of the year.

This was brought in by our German guest, and very popular among the kids.

I didn’t have much luck photographing the kids, I had to chase them down.

Then I finally caught up with them in the garage, here is a group photo.

As for the chickens they were  glad that it’s a turkey day and not a chicken day.  As for Laotians we get confused sometimes and have chicken occasionally on Thanksgiving so it worries this Americana hen til she turned grey.

He is thinking that I’m way too young to be eaten. Actually I couldn’t tell if it were a hen or rooster.

They are safe this year since grandma had 2 turkey cooking in her ovens. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving feast.

Technical note:  I didn’t use flash taking the food photos and had to compensate by shooting in high ISO 6400.  I think it is not the best choice on my part, some of the pictures are grainy.


  1. the pictures of the food look great! i should have made the icing prettier on the cupcakes. i was in a hurry. ^_^

    • Thanks Lisa, I was in a rush to take the food picture since everyone was waiting. The cupcake was delicious, I know what you mean I was in a hurry to make the spring rolls also. It was fun and good to see you all again. 🙂

    • seeharhed, must be Tai Tai that called it Goi Gai, larb to me is thick liquid like larb Pa Thong (pa thong fish). I’m not too crazy about the turkey either, I like Lao food more.

  2. I would skip the turkey and just go for stuffing and desserts. 🙂

    And the pumpkin cupcakes sound neat. I’ll have to make some later. Btw, what type of pie is that? Looks like pecan pie.

    • Hi Cambree, It’s a pecan pie and one of my favorites. Lee likes the pumpkin pie better, and also pumpkin cupcakes. The stuffing was very good, I have not tasted anyone else’s stuffing except for Bo’s mom and hers has good flavor and she made gravy to go with it also.

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