Random Tuesday

I visited an Asian store last week and found the Asian persimmons on sale for $2 per pound.  It was kind of pricey for me and I bought 10 for $6.  I went back again today, and it was for less this time at $1.75 per pound.  It’s not a bad price since we don’t have anymore in NC that I’m aware of since it is so late into the season.  These came from sunny Florida.

This is what it looks like if you cut it in half.  It is considered lucky if it looks like a star, this one looks like rays of sunshine.

I also bought some green papayas, these are also from Florida.  I made Tum Mak Houng (Spicy Papaya salad) for dinner and ate it with pork rind and rice.

I’ve decided to take up a challenge from lady0fdarkness, she posted a photo of her desk and has asked to see mine. Here is my desk on a good day. On my left hand side and on the shelves are stacks of Thai magazines, and in the green box are my camera gears and booklets.  I’m a desktop person and only surf the web when I’m on my computer at home or at work. As you can see that iPod, iPad or iPhone is not for me, I still read books, magazines, and surf the web on a normal computer. I wonder now if a desk tells a lot about a person.

Updated photos 11-16-2011, I couldn’t get a clear shot of the statues last night.

And a photo of us visiting NYC prior to 911.

10 thoughts on “Random Tuesday”

    1. Hi seeharhed, since I don’t have a laptop I’m forced to sit and work in this area only, which is not a bad thing.

      I’m glad we get plenty of fresh green papaya from FL during this time of the year. Tum Mak Houng is my favorite Lao dish.

  1. Your desk is so organize !!! Wow speaking off persimmons, I bought American ones from the grocers . Omg are they nasty !!! I dunno how to describe them, but they are bitter and they dry out your mouth. I could so use some tum mak houng right now !

    1. Thanks lady0fdarkness, I’m kind of cluttered with books and magazines and inside my computer is clustered with photos. 🙂

      I think the American persimmons must be for baking only, I don’t like the taste also. We are fortunate to have plenty of green papaya this time of the year, of course they come from your part of the country.

    1. Dallas, next to the bookcase is a big window, but I rarely open the drapes since I only sit in the office at night. So where is a picture of your office? 🙂

  2. The North American persimmons are very astringent and have lots of tannins, which will dry out your mouth and cause you to not want another bite. They are to be eaten when properly ripened-bright orange, very soft to the touch, almost mushy. It is very sweet then. Contrast the Fuyu, the Asian type, less astringent, less tannin, won’t dry-out your mouth, and can be eaten like apple. I have two American types, not very fruitful, maybe I need a female one:)) along side. Enjoy.

    That papaya salad is making my mouth water. Hum…Tum mark hoong.

    1. Hi PaNoy, I don’t think I would like the North American persimmons since I like them sweet and crunchy. I prefer the Asian persimmons but I didn’t have much luck growing them. I think I’m going to plant some Fuji apples, I might have better luck with them. Tum mak houng is my favorite, I could eat it everyday.

  3. Persimmons at the American grocery stores here are $1.25 each. So your price is not too bad.

    I think Americans use them as decorations. JK. I like all types of persimmons. Fuyu is good all around, it just gets more sweet when ripe.

    And your desk is very organize. I like to have houseplants around my CPU to help detox the air. 😉

    1. Hi cambree, my desk doesn’t get any sunlight to have a plant, I keep my shades close all year round.

      Using fresh fruits as decoration is not a good thing, I can imagine lots of fruit fries. It’s nice to see the Persimmons at the store, I was also looking for the dragon fruits but didn’t see any.

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