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February Photo Hunt

This is my contribution to Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog’s February’s Photo Hunt. The deadline was yesterday and I hope a day late is okay since we have 1 extra day this month.

Flake, we were fortunate enough to get some snow this month on February the 19th, it couldn’t have come in a better time.

Bow, I had to go into my photo archive for this one.  This picture was taken December 25, 2010 at Disney Magic Kingdom’s evening parade.

Mug, I didn’t try to go into a neighborhood to get mugged, and I think my camera would be the first to go so instead I took a picture of my coffee mug this morning. I know it is not as exciting as an image of me getting mugged.

Row, my sister germinates her seeds for spring planting.  She  has the seeds in each bowl wrapped in wet paper towel and labeled them in Lao language.

Bun, I have a Lao bun image here, also know as Kao Thom Mud.  Mud means to tie and not the mud in the English language.  Kao Thom Mud is a Lao dessert steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and tied with a rope.

I think Chinese Moon Cake could pass for a Chinese bun. It was good by the way. 🙂

Karma said to look for heart shapes in unusual places. Lee posed one for the assignment.

Bonus: leap – in honor of ”leap day” at the end of this month. I’ve  been fascinating with Natsumi Hayashi’s self portrait photography of her levitation at yowayowa camera woman diary.  It looks to me like she is flying and she is not Photoshopping her images either but she takes images of herself jumping up until she gets the right pose and composition that she is looking for.  This could be as many as hundreds of jumping up and down.

Photo of Natsumi Hayashi at

As for today’s levitation Lee agreed to levitate for me. It is not the exact shot that I was looking for, but I made her jump one time too many and this is my image in honor of a leap day February 29, 2012.

23 thoughts on “February Photo Hunt”

  1. With your darling writing style, acute insight, and extraordinary pictures, you and your lovely blog have just taken my No. 1 spot. I love to come here, read your words, and enjoy your culture. It is very delicate, and very beautiful. Thank you so much. It just makes me want to learn more! Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks cissyblue for your kind words. I’m glad I’m able to occasionally share my culture through photography and glad that it has been received well here at my blog and thanks again for your visit and comments.

  2. Hi again,

    Regarding Rodeo Chic, it made me think of website:

    Your sister might consider registering and selling with them as well. Just a thought. I had account on there, as I found out about them from this Etsy’s teaman in Michigan but I have never purchased anything through Bonanza, but they seem to be good pricing.

    I suggest but don’t always adhere myself to trying. I submitted some photos I took on and paid for the submission; most dumb. But I do not seem able to make money and to exist one must spend and contribute (give it away freely) and believe it will come back to you. I don’t give expecting, but it is nice to receive. Some never, ever give and receive of things all the time. Strange how life works.

    Your posting made me want to post some photos as well but probably will not. I don’t like tit for tat. An idea is either original or it is not good. Something Americans don’t understand since they go abroad and learn and return as masters to teach what they learn. Not original but they do adhere to copyright…but is learning from someone other than yourself/patriots etc…not borrowing of culture and to come here and be master instructing…

    I am sorry, as always I make no sense. The world is money, opiate and more money, nothing else mattes since all can be purchased.

    Good day. Thank you for your lovely photos. They are amazing.

    1. Thanks Seule771, I’ll mention the website to my sister. I think it is normal to learn the basic from the source, such as in photography then after you mastered the technique then you start to apply your own sense of style to it. I use this blog as a learning tool, whether it be photography, gardening, crafts or cooking and in a way it is to better myself even if I don’t make money from it.

      I don’t see learning from someone other than yourself as patriots, but more of sharing knowledge and give and take. People in Asian come to learn and take back to share with their people back home or make life and living condition better for others, and same with those that go to Asia to learn. Money seems like everything when you don’t have it but it can’t buy everything, one thing I know it can’t buy is happiness.

  3. As for your sister’s talent for Rodeo Chic, she is clearly very talented. I would just like to see her think more in terms of functionality versus decoration. She could explore this idea by looking back in time at pictures of the pioneer days, and days of the cowboy. She might want to start directing her gaze toward the role that our equine friends played in this time, and what leather and design had to encompass for those people. It’s just an idea, being authentic can never steer you wrong, I’m just saying….. 🙂

    1. cissyblue, I totally agreed with you, I like functionality more than decoration and have asked her to make my bags according to my need that I’m very happy with. She actually had customers that asked her to make it specifically for them and I’m glad that she is flexible and able to do that. I will mention your idea to her and thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi there Nye! I was starting to wonder if you were participating this time around! It just so happens that I was running behind completing my own photo hunt (just posted mine yesterday) and told people not to worry in that post if they needed an extra day or two. I’ll probably write my wrap-up tomorrow night. I’m really glad you decided not to try to get mugged! 😉 The bowls with the seeds are beautful, and I love your pictures of buns – most unique! We are both lucky to have daughters willing to be our models for the hunt this time around too – Lee is adorable as always. 🙂

    1. Thanks Karma, it has been a very busy month for me and I’m glad that I didn’t miss the photo hunt. Lee did a good job in the levitation image, and with practice she will be flying soon. 🙂

  5. I LOVE your portraits of Lee – and the heart shot is a great one! And Natsumi Hayashi’s flying self portrait is nice – I must check her photos soon 😉

    1. Thanks truels, Lee has been a great help in this assignment. As for Natsumi’s photography, she has a facebook fan page also. It’s kind of neat to see her fans posting their images levitating. She also has a gallery in Paris.

  6. The portrait of Lee is very sweet, you are lucky that she agree to pose for you. And the food, you make it look so delicious, i’m beginninng to get curious about if it is possible to make some of it with the ingredients I have here…

    1. Thanks giiid, she thought I was photographing her heart shape only. 🙂

      I think you should be able to find most of the ingredients and you could substitute anything that you don’t have. Here is an ingredients and how to make for Kao Thom Mud. I need to give this a try myself also.

  7. Lee’s heart portrait is very cute. 🙂

    The name “Kao Thom Mud” is makes sense. But the “mud” part makes me laugh. Maybe “mutt” but that sounds like a dog? JK.

    Our version has mung beans and pork, so we refer to them as “Kao thom moo”. They are usually eaten on special occasions because it takes forever to make them.

    1. Thanks CN, her heart shape is a lot smaller than I thought and couldn’t spot it at first. 🙂

      I thought it looks funny spelling Mud and not sure if it would be more appetizing if spelling with mutt. 🙂 I would like to try making this, I bought these at the Lao store and they were $2.50 each but they were real big also and can be shared with the whole family.

    1. Thanks Gerry, she didn’t realize that I was taking her picture and thought I was only taking a picture of her heart shape. 🙂

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