My Mouth is on Fire!

Someone once pointed out to me that the word Som Tum is Thai and not Lao, I guess to be politically correct I should just call it by the name of the dish.  This is what I had for Lunch at my dad’s house, I made it myself. The dish is a combo of  Tum Mak Houng, Lao eggplants, and string beans. I think my image is going downhill, this was taken at f/8, 1/3sec, ISO-100, 50mm focal length, Aperture Priority program. I want to improve my photography and open for any suggestion.

Ingredients: shredded papaya, sliced Lao eggplants, string beans, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, sliced lime, garlic cove, brown sugar, fish sauce, and shrimp paste.

We also had Gang Dang, my second sister made this one.  This was taken at f/11, 1/4sec, ISO-100, 58mm focal length, Aperture Priority program.

I went to pick crab apple to pickle and decided to make Tum crab apple in the late afternoon. This dish is good if you made it bold and spicy. I can’t say it’s good for your stomach but mine is ironclad so I’m good.   This was taken at f/11, 1/6sec, ISO-100, 60mm focal length, Aperture Priority program.

Ingredients:  sliced crab apples, chili peppers, garlic cove, brown sugar, fish sauce, shrimp paste.

My second sister made a dessert to cool things down.  The corn was from my dad’s garden. This was taken at f/8, 1/15sec, ISO-100, 67mm focal length, Aperture Priority program.

14 thoughts on “My Mouth is on Fire!”

  1. Now you’ve gone and done it and made me very hungry!

    Well, just two more weeks and I will be in Laos–and having lots and lots of spicy food.

    1. Jeffrey, thanks. How exciting, counting down the days. 🙂

      Do take lots of picture to share. 🙂

  2. You didn’t say “Thai” egg plant and Tum Buk Houng. Is this really Nye?

    LOL! just kidding. 😉

    1. Dallas, I think I can call it Lao eggplant since my dad grew that himself. 🙂

      As for Tum Buk Houng, I thought it sounds kind of rude now to call a papaya ‘Buk’. My sister was telling me that a Lao coworker calls Pak E-lerd a ‘Pak Nang lerd’ instead because it sounds rude to call a Pak ‘E’. 🙂

  3. Gang dang is my favourite, but recently I’ve found it difficult to take – don’t know why.
    “Tum Buk Houng” is used extensively. I wouldn’t worry too much about it being rude.
    Interesting and mouthwatering post. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonsong

    1. Boonsong, must be the heartburn, my dad has that problem after eating spicy food. I think it’s an Issan thing to call it “Tum Buk Houng”, my mom was Lao Issan from Thailand and I must have got it from her.

      I thought you might mention about the Thai eggplant, I only wrote Lao eggplant to bug Dallas, he is a Lao proud type of person. 🙂

  4. Re Thai/Lao Eggplant: Well bugged! Glad you didn’t call it an aubergine too.

    “Tum Buk Houng” is Isaan – polite & friendly – the only term used (although Isaan has many other languages which have different words, if you know what I mean ). I’m not Isaan. Mrs S is.

    Have a nice day, Boonsong

    1. Boonsong, I heard Tum Buk Houng use all the time where I used to live near Pakse area in Laos, but in the Vientiane area they call it Tum Mak Houng. I guess the usage of word tells a lot about your origin, again Tum Buk Houng came from the Lao people, whether Lao Issan or Lao from Laos.

  5. These are such classic Lao dishes. I think my mouth and stomach would be burning after eating all this stuff. But it does look really good!

    As for the papaya salad – I go with Tum “Mak” Houng as in the fruit and not the guy. 😉

    1. Cambree, I eat spicy everyday so I’m used to it by now. Papaya salad goes by many names, I think Mak and Buk are used interchangeably but the Thai people called it Tum Maragor. I think it has a nice ring to it.

  6. yummm! the dessert looks yummy! you should give us the ingredients and instructions so I can try to make it! I had been craving for some papaya salad! YUMMM!!

    1. mozemoua, next time I’ll ask my sister to make and I’ll film her. She loves dessert and that’s one problem visiting her and my dad, they’ve too much food!

      1. Nye, please do!! I would love to watch her make them and hopefully learn how to make them as well! I love making desserts, as long as it’s not baking (thats one thing I am horrible at, but is willing to try)…

        Your yummmy food post are not helping me and my diet much!!! Im drooling none stop over here. LOL

        1. mozemoua, I’ve to get together with her on this one. I know she is camera shy, but I’ll see what we can do. 🙂

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