Awe Gai

My oldest sister is visiting my dad for the holiday and made Awe Gai for us.  She didn’t have all the ingredients and had to substitute some of the ingredients.

She used chicken drumstick since it has some fat and wouldn’t be as dry as chicken breast when cook. There’s chili peppers, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir Lime leaves, shrimp paste (you can also use padek), and cook on high heat.

She added Knorr for flavor. I think she uses Knorr in many of her dishes.

Stir well while cook.

She used crushed roasted rice.

Mixed well with chicken stock broth and add this to the pot.

Then add beans and green onion

Stir well and cover lid

She didn’t have dill and used frozen lemon basil from my dad’s garden instead, add this at the very end.

Also add the green onion leaves and more kaffir lime leaves at the end before turning off the stove. Notice that my sister torn the kaffir lime leaves to bring out the aroma and flavor.

My mom used to make this for us when I was growing up, she called it Om Gai and I think it is the same dish as Awe Gai in Lao.

You can serve this with white rice or sticky rice. Lao foods are very healthy and I hope to cook more in the future.


  1. thanks for sharing. i made it for dinner tonight n it was heaven. i didn’t even have dill or basil or knorr but it was still delicious.

    • Hi Gloria, thanks for your visit and comment and truly sorry for the late reply. One great thing about Lao dish is that you could leave some ingredients out and still tastes good. My goal is to learn more Lao dish this year, and visit the elders more often to learn the secrete ingredients. 🙂

    • Hi lady0fdarkness, if you have a chance learn from your mom as much as you can. I regret that I didn’t and hope that I will pick up a few Lao dishes from Bo’s mom. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, it’s a basic Lao food and very healthy also. The original dish called for Padek but I substitute that with Kapee instead and it tastes as good.

  2. Nye,

    I wonder if it is regional with roasted rice in Awe Kai. My mother makes it with kao beua so it looks lighter and she uses lots of mak keua.

    • Hi Kim,

      My mom made it with kao beua and mak keua also, I like that version better. My sister didn’t have any kao beua so she used the dark one instead. My oldest sister made some kao beua for us while she was visiting so we have plenty now.

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