Visiting Grandma

One of the best things about visiting Grandma is her home cook meal. I was hoping to learn a new Lao dish this visit but we didn’t have enough time.  There is always the next visit.


I’ve recently developed food allergy amongst other things,  and dinner at her house was one of the best meals but I paid dearly afterward. Below is an elder relative portow Nee sharing meal with us.

Kang Keelek with ants’ eggs, I don’t think it gets any authentic than this.

I didn’t try Mok Padek and it looks real good.

This is the first time I’ve seen a small mango.  It is slightly bigger than an egg and it’s very sweet.  You don’t want to hear what Bo has to say about it.

These are eggs from her laying hens. I see a few Americana blue eggs amongst them.

Grandpa collected 26 eggs on Sunday.

Max came to visit Grandma also, and it was a bumpy one hour ride in back of a pickup truck but I’m sure it’s worth it for him to see the chickens again.

I can’t say that they fell the same way about him, Grandma was nervous seeing him pacing back and forth. I think he had killed 3 hens last year.

Her new chicks.

Grandma has a few roosters left, and this is the youngest one.

I didn’t do a good job panning, or in this case chickens run.

Her garden is coming along, she has plenty of lettuce and spring onions.  The darker green color are broccoli that she planted in early Spring.

Her blueberry bushes bear many fruits this year.

This looks like a few Lao plants that I know.

And after seeing the thorns I knew it is Pak Kha. It’s great with egg omelet.

Thun Khoun

Her Persimmon trees bear many fruits this year. Sorry for the many photos and I hope you have enjoyed visiting Grandma with us.

Photos were taken with Canon T2i, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, and EF50mm f/1.4 lens.


  1. Grandma’s garden is coming up really nice. Nice variety of plants too.

    Btw are the roosters noisy? I guess it’s the countryside so neighbors don’t mind as much. I’m glad to see Max was welcomed back to the farm now. 🙂

    • cn, Max can visit but not staying over night. 🙂

      The roosters are noisy, but her neighbors are far away and I don’t think they mind. Down the road from her is a horse farm, she’s really out in the country.

  2. Yes
    Authentic lao food- I like to have some of the mok padek- dip with hot sticky rice and fresh chilli pepper or the one that crispy fried and with some fresh cucumbers, thai egg plant and long string bean. You really making me hungry espeically I haven’t have lao food over 4 months now.

    • salalao, I can’t believe you have not eaten Lao food that long, maybe it’s time to cook it yourself. 🙂

  3. It all looks delicious to me too – I can’t imagine how much more delicious it looks to someone whose childhood memories are full of such foods. That sculptural leaf just above the roses–is that the persimmon?–that leaf is very beautiful, and your composition is just right.

    • Gerry, the image of the food does take you back to childhood memories especially those that have not had Lao food for so long. I take for granted that I could cook or visit Bo’s mom, I’m glad we don’t live too far from her.

      The second to the last image is the persimmon. I thought about cropping closer to the leaf for a cleaner look but I like the light on the top left hand corner and decided to leave it there.

    • Thanks Geni, we enjoy visiting her and the chicken coops. It’s too bad we can’t have chicken livestock in our subdivision otherwise we would raise laying hens for eggs also. 🙂

  4. Another wonderful post – I love the running chickens photo – they look so speedy and the blurring of their colours make your photo look like a painting! All the lovely food – I’ve never tried Lao food, but I have a recipe book… so… I’ll let you know how it goes, if i can get the ingredients!

    • Thanks Lois, the chickens are interesting to photograph and I’m glad Grandma has plenty, great photo opportunity for me. As for following the recipe from a cookbook, I think the hardest is to get the ingredients. I have a co-worker that’s trying to make Miso soup and she is still searching for the ingredients. When I cook Lao or Thai food, I often substitute if I can’t find certain ingredient. I would love to know how your Lao dish turns out.

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