1. Looks like a bag of starch? Would definitely stick to the fingers. What will the future hold?

  2. Dallas and Wei wei, it’s supposed to be a joke because you obviously can’t microwave this in 30 second. The new sticky rice supposed to come in different flavors such as Larp, Lao beef jerky and stir-fly vegetables. 🙂

    Only if it’s for real, I would be the first to try. 😛

  3. Nye,
    I am glad you posted the video. My nephew can understand Lao but he never speak a word of it. I was shocked when he came to me last spring to ask if I know if there is some college or program he can enroll when he graduate high school. I told him about SEASSI. He was intrigued but we saw the $3300 tuition for the 8 weeks course (not including books, food, and housing). That was a little too much.

  4. It’s really funny……i like the gag that…..this future sticky comes with different flavors like Larp, Sin Hang and Khua Phak!!!

    • Jason, I know, so funny and I laughed so hard the first few times watching it. Only if someone would come up with it now. 🙂

        • I don’t know them at all. I was browsing the youtube and saw their videos, kind of neat and sounds kind of awkward with their Lao farang accent.

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