Birthday, Food

Na’s Birthday

Na celebrated her 10th birthday on Saturday.

My small piece of cake, I could really eat a few more.  The ice cream cake was delicious.

Everyone was busy eating and I didn’t take many photos.

Lee didn’t want her picture taken also. The lighting was real bad inside and I had to shoot with high ISO 3200, which has some digital noise.

This is my dessert.  I think I must have gained at least 5 pounds from the party.

A Lao noodle dish called Kao Poon.  This was my dish also.

Unlike American Birthday party, there were plenty of food.  The Lao steak was served with Lao style spicy bitter sauce and it’s great with sticky rice.  The party started at 4 pm and lasted for several hours.

I made spring rolls and made sweet spicy dipping peanut sauce to go with it this time. Na received many gifts, and her favorite is the MacBook Pro from her dad.

I made another batch to take to my dad the next day.

11 thoughts on “Na’s Birthday”

    1. Thanks truels, I thought Lee portrait was a bit dark, I do need to invest in a good flash when shooting in door. We stayed long enough for the cake. 🙂

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