Saturday Random Photos

The sun always shines right? I guess it depends on where you are, and as for me it is nice to see the sunshine again after the rain.

Lee has been wanting to learn knitting and other crafty stuffs but I was never good at it.  Then one day last week she has to do a knitting project for her class.  The teacher asked the students to learn how to knit from family member or friends of a family.  We really don’t have anyone close by that know how to knit, so I break down and learned the basic step myself.  I was very clumsy at first, a little frustrated at times but it is going better for me now.  Lee is still trying to learn the step and she is a bit frustrated, it just wouldn’t do what she wanted it to do.

I think it looks promising, this might turn into a scarf or something.  I have to say that knitting is very relaxing and this might turn into a hobby that both Lee and I will enjoy doing together.

I have not posted Lee’s fish in a while. Bo moved some of them to the big tank and the orange one has grown a lot since then.

The Jack Dempsey Fry are getting bigger also, Bo moved some of the big ones to the big tank. He sold a few dozens to the local fish store, and still has an aquarium fulled of Fry and not to mention the newly hatched Jack Dempsey Fry also.  I think once the weather gets warmer he will be able to transport them easier.

Today we visited Bo’s mom and she made Moke Gai for us.

It was really good since she has fresh killed chicken from her backyard.  Her ingredients are slightly different from mine and it tastes like authentic Lao food from back home.  I had the opportunity to lean how to make Nam Kao or Laotian Crispy Rice Salad and will post that next.


  1. I always wish I had someone to teach how to knit too. But I had to learn mostly on my own. Youtube’s been a great place to learn.

    The 1 hooked needle you have there is a crochet hook. Crochet items are sturdy and dense, so good for making purses or baby booties. They also take up more yarn. Sometimes people prefer one over the other. I tend to like knitting more.

    And once you learn to knit with circular needles – making hats & socks will be really easy and fun. OK… I’ll stop now… but nice to see the both of you learning a new craft. 🙂

    • Cambree, I do like crochet and have to learn how to knit now. Since I don’t have anyone to teach me, I guess youtube and books are the next best thing. It seems that Lee has more interest in making bead bracelets and necklace, something that she could do by herself. I’m just glad that she has picked up a new hobby.

    • Thanks truels, the fish have grown and it has been interesting watching them grow. It doesn’t feel like winter around here, and it looks like Spring is coming too soon.

    • Hi seule771, thanks for the link, we are still beginners and do need a lot of help. I’m doing better in knitting and could make a hat now. It feels good to be able to make things for myself now. 🙂

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