NYE Cookout

If you are wondering, it is New Year’s Eve cookout at my dad’s house.  My oldest sister got in at the beginning of last week and my GI Joe sister got in right before the cookout.  My sisters came to visit and also tum boun (merit making) for my mom on New Year’s Day.

Lao style barbecue, which has no barbecue sauce but seasoned with salt, sugar, garlic, and lemongrass.

My GI Joe sister makes good tum mak houng (spicy papaya salad), I will post her recipe in my next food post.

It is served with sticky rice this time.  We only eat sticky rice on special occasion and this was definitely a special occasion for us.

My GI Joe sister and my younger sister Bee in the picture below.  We built a campfire and roasted marshmallows that night, I have to say that it was more festive than our real camping trip last week.


  1. Happy New Year 2012 to you, Bo, Emily, your father,all your Sis and other family members…and Max.

    • Sok Dee Pee Mai to you Seeharhed. The Lao style bbq never gets old with us also. I have to try the Lao half chicken on the stick, but not sure of the ingredients that they used for it to look so golden like that. It’s something for me to experiment with. 🙂

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